USTA Survey Links Travel with Happy Relationships


It’s February, and there’s one big holiday on everyone’s mind—and no, it’s not Presidents day. Strike up a little romance with the help of some input from travel experts.

A new study commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association commissioned shows a link between travel and more satisfying relationships. The research, released yesterday, claims that couples who travel together are altogether happier with their love lives than couples who do not.

The survey, which was conducted between November and December of last year, asked 1,100 couples to describe their feelings on traveling together. Not only did 72 percent of surveyed couples agree that travel inspires romance, but nearly two-thirds felt that taking even a short trip was four times more likely to cause sparks than exchanging gifts, big or small. Traveling couples also reported a higher rate of satisfaction with their sex lives, compared to their non-traveling counterparts. A majority of the traveling couples said that having distraction-free time to be close was one of the main reasons to take a trip.

Results also pointed to the fact that all couples can benefit from traveling together, whether they’ve been married for 30 years or are still dating. New couples valued the chance to share new experiences with each other, while more established couples saw trips as a time to relax and reconnect.

So this Valentine’s Day, think about planning a trip together instead of handing over a gift—your relationship will thank you for it.

Photo credit: Couple in Paris via Shutterstock