What We’re Reading This Week: Chilean Miners, Memorable Summers, Sicilian Wine

There have been numerous pieces on the 33 trapped Chilean miners and their miraculous rescue in late 2010, but Héctor Tobar’s gripping article in The New Yorker was the only one that helped me understand what those two months underground felt like for the starving, resilient miners. —Luke Epplin, Associate Editor, Countryside and Adventure

I've been enjoying Biographile's That Summer series, in which authors reflect on pivotal summers from their own lives, whether hilarious or poignant. They're publishing a new piece in the series every day this month, so there's a lot more to come! —Michael Alan Connelly, Editor, Fodors.com

Poking around in the Slate archives, I came across this article by Simon Doonan, author and creative ambassador for Barneys, about encountering himself in the pages of Details magazine. His sense of style gives us all something to aspire to. —Linda Schmidt, Managing Editor

If you're too young to remember the Fab Four coming to America in 1964, Luke Epplin's “Phony Beatlemania Hasn’t Bitten the Dust” on Salon is a smart, concise examination of how the Beatles changed pop music forever. He shows how their film A Hard Day's Night has been emulated by everyone from Justin Bieber to One Direction. —Mark Sullivan, Editor, Cities and Cultural Destinations

Traveling and wine tasting in Italy—what could be better? I caught up with chef Gabrielle Hamilton's trip to Sicily in “Into the Vines” in AFARShe connects the rugged land, the wine, and the winemakers from the fields to the wine caves so vividly that you'll want to plan your own escape—or at least grab some Sicilian wine fast. Check out her Wanderlist for details. —Linda Cabasin, Editorial Director