What We’re Reading This Week: Bookstores, Photo Books, Gangnam Style

I love this photo essay on independent booksellers on Slate’s photography blog, Behold. I was especially thrilled to come across a photo of my hometown bookstore—Iconoclast Books in Sun Valley, Idaho. —Teddy Minford, Managing Editorial Assistant

I’m reading The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Much has been said about his intricate, interweaving plot lines, but lovely little sentences such as “Art feasts on its maker” throughout this story show his aphoristic talents as well. —Eric Wechter, Editor, Cruises and Resorts

I’m making travel photo books for my family this Christmas and this thorough recap of the best photo book sites was just what I needed to kick-start my project. —Arabella Bowen, Editor-in-Chief

Two articles in The New York Times capture what’s terrible—and occasionally tolerable—about buildings going up at the World Trade Center site. In A Soaring Emblem of New York, and Its Upside-Down Priorities, Michael Kimmelman skewers the lack of vision that resulted in the banal 1 World Trade Center. And in How Cost of Train Station at World Trade Center Swelled to $4 Billion, David Dunlap reveals how a too-ambitious design ended up doubling an already astronomic budget. Must-reads for architecture fans. —Mark Sullivan, Editor, Cities and Cultural Destinations

After reading How 'Gangnam Style' Broke YouTube, I couldn’t help but re-watch the Internet’s most popular video. —Megan Suckut, Digital Editorial Intern