Fodor’s Week in Travel: Try Something Different

When it comes to planning a beach vacation or a big-city getaway, you likely won't be short on ideas. But sometimes you want something more unusual for your holiday, and we're here to help. Surf and sand enthusiasts can pair urban culture with a lazy beachside vibe at one of the great beach cities around the world, while literary fans can follow in Hemingway's footsteps around the world, enjoying some of Papa's favorite bars and restaurants. Whether you're looking for something a little different the next time you hit the road, or just want to save some money, we've got plenty of ideas in our weekly round-up.

World's 10 Best Beach Cities

Start your day with some urban exploration and end it with a dip in the ocean. You'll have to pack your wetsuit and your big-city best with a visit to one of the world's 10 best beach cities.

World's Coolest Urban Renewal Projects 

Though you wouldn't know it now, some of the trendiest neighborhoods in cities around the world have fascinating histories decidedly less glamorous than what you'll see today. See some of these stunning transformations at the world's coolest urban renewal projects.

10 of Hemingway's Favorite Haunts 

An iconic writer, Ernest Hemingway is perhaps equally well known for his expatriate lifestyle as for his flowing, spare writing style. See where one of the most famous members of the “Lost Generation” ate and drank at 10 of Hemingway's favorite haunts.

10 Budget-Friendly Summer Trips for 2014

Finally, for the times when you're looking to take a break without breaking the bank, here are 10 budget-friendly summer trips for 2014 to help you plan a no-fuss, guilt-free summer getaway.