Fodor’s Week in Travel: New & Noteworthy

Hot new hotels, mouth-watering additions to the restaurant scene, food and beverage trends—there's no shortage of new and noteworthy events and properties in the world of travel. London has welcomed two new hotels recently (we reviewed the Shangri-La a few weeks ago), while Montreal has seen a culinary explosion and Vienna is undergoing a coffee-revival movement. Whatever it is that's coming up, we'll keep you posted on the latest goings-on in our weekly roundup.

Hotel Opening: London's Ham Yard Hotel

With its central location, quiet atmosphere, quirky décor, spacious rooms, casual-chic restaurants, and unique common spaces, London's new Ham Yard Hotel is poised to become one of the city's coolest properties.

Ultimate Guide to Vienna's Coffee Renaissance

For a city so well known for its coffeehouse culture, the Vienna coffee scene has been in need of a serious jolt. Luckily, a host of Third Wave shops have cropped up in recent years and we have the ultimate guide to Vienna's coffee renaissance.

Where to Eat in Montreal Now

The city known for its quaint French-Canadian bistros has seen an influx of unusual international eateries in some of the city's hottest new neighborhoods. Check out our guide to where to eat in Montreal now.

5 Ways to Commemorate World War I in London

This year has already seen several special ceremonies and memorials honoring the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War, and there's more to come this fall with 5 ways to commemorate World War I in London