Fodor’s Week in Travel: Epicurean Adventures

Let your stomach be your guide this week, as we take you on a tour of some of the best food and spirits destinations around the world. You won't have to look beyond your own backyard for a taste of Deutschland's finest beer, thanks to an impressive line-up of stateside beer gardens, but for those hoping to venture farther afoot, our Scotch-centric tour of Scotland should do the trick. For something a little heartier, visit D.C.'s best new restaurants, and for the ultimate dining experience, seek out some of Europe's most exquisite dishes in splendidly rural environs. Wherever your travels take you, and whatever you're in the mood for, we have something to satisfy your craving.

10 Restaurants Worth a Day Trip in Europe

Though many of the world's best restaurants can be found in major metropolises around the world, some chefs are showcasing their skills in more remote locales. The food at the 10 best restaurants worth a day trip in Europe will undoubtedly be worth the journey.

Where to Eat in Washington, D.C. Now

The nation's capital isn't known for being the seat of gastronomic prowess, but D.C. has recently welcomed a bevy of exciting new eateries. For the best new bites in the city, check out our guide on where to eat in Washington, D.C. now.

15 Best Beer Gardens in the U.S.

Indulge in traditional German brew and revelry with an American twist at one of the 15 best beer gardens in the U.S.

Scotch Lover's Guide to Scotland

Those longing for rolling hills and the peaty, smoky scent of Scotland's finest whisky need look no further than our Scotch lover's guide to Scotland to plan their next spirit-inspired getaway.