Fodor’s Week in Travel: All-American Summer

Having turned the corner into May, we're all about summer fun at Fodor's (even if we're not quite there yet), and we've rounded up some great ideas to help you plan your next sun-drenched getaway. Rather than focus on exotic locales this week, we've looked in our own backyard to find some amazing, home-grown trips ideas that don't require a passport. Load up the car and head out to Cape Cod for a relaxing weekend on the beach, cheer for your favorite team at one of America's best baseball stadiums, and brace yourself for some of the country's biggest roller coasters with Fodor's Week in Travel.

10 Beauty Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

Before you hit the road, make sure you've got these essentials for a low-maintenance look that will keep you looking (and feeling) great on your next road trip. Don't forget to pack these 10 beauty essentials for your next road trip.

15 Picturesque New England Towns For Your Next Road Trip

While Kennebunkport, Martha's Vineyard, and Hyannis have gained fame for their presidential residents over the years, many of these small, lesser known towns are also ideal for a weekend getaway. The New England summer season doesn't last long, so get ready to head out and visit one of these 15 picturesque New England towns for your next road trip.

10 Iconic Baseball Stadiums to Visit This Season

Even if you don't know the difference between a curveball and a slider, you'll still enjoy a game at one of these 10 iconic baseball stadiums to visit this season.

10 Best US Theme Parks for 2014

With park expansions and exciting new ride unveilings, this summer is sure to be a screamer. Roller coaster enthusiasts will be thrilled, but there's something for everyone at these 10 best US theme parks for 2014.