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Ultimate Summer Travel Checklist

By Michelle Doucette

Summer is synonymous with vacation, but that means different things to different travelers. For some, ’tis the season for a European holiday. Others take their suddenly stir-crazy kids on well-deserved adventures. And the sun-worshippers among us answer the annual call of summer with a trip to their (or their friend’s) beach house. For the really lucky, summer can bring all three of these trips. (A house on the French Riviera with the whole family, anyone?)

So in advance of everyone leaping away from daily routines to make summer-only decisions (like how long to spend on the beach), we talked to experts and rounded up a fool-proof checklist for travels to Europe, travels with kids, and travels to a beach house. Here’s to a truly fabulous summer holiday, whether you’re bound for one or all three of these types of vacations.

Traveling with Kids


Taking the kids out of their routines and onto planes, trains, and automobiles can be enough to make you scream "staycation!" Here, some of our favorite experts—moms who’ve traveled the world with their children—share favorite tips for making your family’s summer trip unforgettable (in a good way).

Traveling to Europe


A trip to Europe this summer promises many rewards: glimpses of Olympic gold, bargains from a weakened Euro, and all the perennial pleasures of European culture (art, ruins, food, wine, the list goes on). So here are some strategies for making sure those perfect moments don’t hit any snags.

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Traveling to a Beach House


There are no two words that better capture the pure joy of summer than "beach house." And to really make it unforgettable, you’ll want to stock the house up with all the right provisions and keep these tips in mind before you go. And because sometimes the best beach house is your friend’s beach house, these ideas work for visitors too.

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