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Tube or taxi? Choose your London airport transfer wisely.

Tube, taxi, or the Heathrow or Gatwick Express are the most common ways to go, each with its pluses and minuses. Taking the Tube (London’s underground subway system) is the cheapest way to reach most points in central London (£4.50 at this writing), but you’ll have to lug your bags. Taxi trips from Heathrow can take more than an hour and cost £50-plus, depending upon traffic. From Gatwick (90 minutes), the taxi fare is at least £70 plus tip. Another option is the Heathrow Express train, which makes the trip to London Paddington in 15 minutes. Standard one-way tickets cost £16.50 (£32 round-trip). Gatwick has a similar train. But then you’ll likely need a taxi to your city hotel. See more London Travel Tips.

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