Travel Wheres and Wares: Week in Review

We agree that it’s about the journey, not the destination—and that what you bring is just as important. This week we let you in on the coveted travel wares we can’t travel without, and gave you some excuses to pack your bags: from beloved American cities like Chicago and Minneapolis to the exotic Galapagos Islands to the storybook castles of Europe, your travel bucket list should be longer than ever by the end of these reads.


Fodor’s Approved: Editor’s All-Time Favorite Travel Wares

We travel a lot here at Fodor’s. Like a lot. So it’s only natural that we’d pick up some tricks along the way. From reusing dryer sheets and getting clever with shower caps to the bags and shoes we’d never travel without, these are our all-time favorite travel tips and wares.


13 Best New Chicago Restaurants

Chicago is renowned for its diverse, innovative food scene, and 2013 offers no shortage of hot new restaurants. Here are 13 reservations you need to make this year.


Just Back From: Cruising the Galapagos Islands

On a National Geographic-style cruise through the Galapagos Islands’ lush ecosystem, one of our intrepid writers found close encounters with exotic animals found nowhere else in the world, and more.


25 Awe-Inspiring European Castles

These castles are gorgeous—but not all have a pretty past. No matter what, paying a visit to one of these 25 is like walking straight into a fairytale.


An Island-by-Island Guide to Caribbean Rum

Whether you call it rum, rhum, or ron, rum is one of the most diverse spirits in the world. From island to island, the sugar cane-based liquor varies wildly. Here’s a field guide to what to taste where.


5 Reasons to Go to Minneapolis Now

The best city in the US for parks and the second best for bikes, Minneapolis has that whole quality of life thing down. Go now to ogle the awesome Sculpture Garden and dine like a (Nordic) king.


10 Coolest Attractions in Bangkok

See the reclining Buddha, the Royal Palace, and the red light district. And then on your second day in Bangkok, check out these ten ultra-cool alternative attractions.