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These Airport Bookstores Will Let You Return Books After You Read Them

Any new book you purchase from one of Paradies Lagardère’s 850 airport bookstores can be returned within 6 months for a 50% refund.

When it comes to in-flight entertainment, sometimes there’s no replacement for a great book. But if your flight is long enough, that page-turner you purchased at the airport bookstore before takeoff might be over by the time you land.

What if you could return that book at the airport bookstore at your destination and pick up another to read poolside at your hotel? Turns out, you actually can.

Paradies Lagardère, which operates 850 different bookstores across 98 airports in the United States and Canada has a Read and Return Program that applies to all of the new books it sells.

The way it works is pretty simple: You find a book you like and buy it. Then, you have six months to finish your selection. If you do, you can return it to any of Paradies Lagardère’s 850 airport bookstores to get 50% of your money back.

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Sure, it’s not everything you spent, but it can make purchasing a book at the store at full retail a bit more attractive than ordering discounted paperbacks from Amazon. Six months also gives you plenty of time to finish that book, so you could potentially share it with a spouse or friend after you finish it and still be able to return it before your next big trip. And since that return doesn’t have to happen where you purchased the book, you have the freedom to make that return wherever your travels take you.

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While the Paradies Lagardère name might not sound familiar, chances are exceptionally high that you’ve been in one of the company’s stores. The company runs bookstores under the CNBC, Today, and Univision umbrella, amongst others. So, just because you don’t see the Paradies Lagardère name doesn’t mean you won’t be able to take advantage of the deal.

One tell-tell sign: If you’re in a Paradies Lagardère location you’ll likely see a few signs advertising the promotion on some of the bookshelves along with the program’s logo, which looks akin to a recycling sign with a book surrounded by an arrow.

One key requirement to take advantage of the deal: You need your original receipt. If you’re just returning a book you purchased before boarding then that shouldn’t be terribly hard to locate. If you’ve had a book for five months, then locating that receipt might be a bit more of a challenge.

INSIDER TIPUse your receipt as a bookmark to make sure you don’t misplace it before you’re ready to return your book.

The books the retailer receives back in good condition are sold used at half price. Books that get returned a little bit more loved are donated to a local library where they can bring a non-traveler joy as well. That means if you don’t see yourself actually remembering to return a book you buy, then that 50% off table can also be a great place to shop for your next in-flight read.

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