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Travel Tech: Waterproof Gadgets for Playing Music


Whether you’re cruising a river in Europe, chilling by the resort’s pool, or sloshing about in the ocean, you can still enjoy your favorite tunes. We’ve rounded up a half dozen travel cases, speakers, and players you won’t have to worry about getting wet. Go ahead, press play as you play in the water.

1. Benzitech iDry Case

Why We Like It: With your music player/phone securely sealed in this soft case, you’re ready to hit the surf, drift in a pool or jump in a lake. It’s got straps for wearing it about your neck, around your shoulder or right on your arm. And it also floats, for those who like to groove out and/or chat on the phone while on the water.

How Much: $40

Buy It: Visit

2. iHome DK-M13 Speaker

Why We Like It: Hey, adults aren’t the only ones who like to kick out the jams! This water-resistant Kermit the Frog speaker case zips closed to protect your music player of choice from wherever around the beach, picnic or campsite the kids take it to rock out. It’s also available in designs that feature Minnie Mouse and Perry the Platypus.

How Much: $40

Buy It: Visit

3. SwiMP3.2G Music Player

Why We Like It: This rechargeable player isn’t just okay in the water, it sounds best when submerged cause it’s made especially for serious swimmers. It clips to your goggle straps; but rather than buds inside your ears, sits on your cheekbones. So you can hear eight hours plus of sleek, tangle-free tracks, while staying aware of outside noises. It’s a great way to motivate whether you’re doing laps, long distances in open water or just having fun swimming around.

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How Much: $160

Buy It: Visit

4. Fitness Tech UWaterG4 Player

Why We Like It: As the world’s smallest waterproof MP3 player, it’s tiny enough to clip to your collar, belt or pocket—or more likely in the water, your swimsuit or goggles. Yet this salt water- and sweat-resistant one-ounce wonder can store about 10 full audio books or a thousand of your favorite tunes and give you six to eight hours of continuous play on a full charge. It comes in black, blue or white—or a slightly more expensive chrome edition. All models include waterproof earphones and, as part of a special Spring promotion, a Dual USB Car Charger.

How Much: $80

Buy It: Visit

5. Eco Terra Boombox

Why We Like It: This rugged and very orange speaker-case is great on the trail, at the beach and everywhere in between. Because it’s waterproof and submersible—but floats—it’s a perfect place to store and protect not just your music player, but cash, ID, keys and other stuff you don’t want getting wet or sandy. It comes with two detachable carabineers and a nylon belt for hanging it. And it’s also got a waterproof headset jack, in case you wanna blast your music in private.

How Much: $150

Buy It: Visit

6. Water Rocker Speaker

Why We Like It: With your music player connected to a wireless transmitter sitting safely on the sidelines, you can plop this floating eyeball-like stereo speaker right into the hot tub or pool up to 100 feet away. In addition to enjoying your favorite playlists as you soak or splash, you can also flip on its built-in FM radio. Lastly, it’s a beach house favorite for its ability to stream music simultaneously to up to nine other eyeball speakers (each sold separately).

How Much: $100

Buy It: Visit

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