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Travel Tech: Holiday Gadget Gift Guide


Travel and tech go hand in hand—what traveler wouldn’t love a tiny device that can make the time pass faster on a layover or can help them connect to WiFi without hunting down the one person who knows the password? We rounded up our expert picks on the top gadgets to give to the traveler in your life this year.

1. Gogo Holiday Jetpacks

Why We Like It: As you jet around for the holidays, a couple of seasonal specials can keep you online at 30,000 feet, even at a healthy discount. Gogo’s Holiday 3-Pack ($20) and Reindeer 2-Pack ($15) are valid starting November 17th and December 22nd, respectively. Use up these day passes before January 3rd, and you’ll save, save, save as you fly the friendly skies.

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How Much: $15-20

Buy It: Visit

2. Portable Charging Station

Why We Like It: This efficient, leather-bound system can power up four devices at once, either through a wall outlet or—with its built-in battery—anywhere. As it does so, it neatly stores the cords for the devices. And it zips up easily to fit in your purse or carry-on. A great gift for anyone who travels with multiple gadgets… or multiple friends with gadgets.

How Much: $170

Buy It: Visit

3. mySpot Pocket-Size Access Point

Why We Like It: This lipstick-sized hotspot gives you simple, secure wireless online access. Connect one end to a wired Internet source (like the one on the desk in your hotel room), the other to USB power (from either a laptop or wall adapter) and you’ve got WiFi for up to 16 users. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go. Or you slightly geekier types can open a browser and reconfigure the settings and password to make sure its just you and your friends on there.

How Much: $60

Buy It: Visit

4. Carbot

Why We Like It: With the free companion Android or iOS app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to control these fun little rechargeable cars. For those who like to multitask, you can drive up to four at once. Race, battle, navigate mazes, and perform tricks. They can also be controlled with a separate remote. At just three inches, they’re easy to take along and bust out on any trip.

How Much: $30

Buy It: Visit

5. iFit-1 Portable Rechargeable Speaker Stand

Why We Like It: This cute, super-compact rechargeable speaker pumps out pretty respectable sound for its size. Plus, it also acts as a stand for your smartphone or tablet. It’s great for playing a game, watching a movie or just listening to up to six hours of music on-the-go. Even though it’s small, it can also act as an external speaker for laptops or other audio sources.

How Much: $16

Buy It: Visit

6. Fitbit The One

Why We Like It: This discreet little health and fitness gadget never rests. During the day, it’s inside your pocket or clipped to your belt, measuring your steps taken, stairs climbed, distance traveled, and calories burned. At night, it’s tucked inside a wrist band, measuring how restful your sleep is. (Do you actually sleep better while traveling?) In the morning, it can wake you with a gentle vibration. And all the while, it wirelessly syncs data to your computer. You can also track stats as they happen, with a wireless connection to your smartphone. And it offers fun little awards for achievements, several apps, and competition with friends to motivate you.

How Much: $100

Buy It: Visit

7. GoPro Hero3 Video Camera

Why We Like It: Known for their tiny, waterproof, hands-free action camcorders, GoPro has managed to create an even smaller, lighter, and more powerful camera. This latest series all shoot in high definition, have built in WiFi, are app-compatible, and can capture bursts of up to 30 still shots per second. In Continuous mode, it can grab stills at regular intervals—every 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds—even while simultaneously shooting video. As this mesmerizing video shows, it can be worn or attached to a variety of gear or vehicles. So it’s safe to say that it’ll capture amazing, high-quality images wherever and in whatever conditions your adventures take you.

How Much: $200-$400

Buy It: Visit

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