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Travel Tech: Green Travel Gadgets


When you’re on-the-go, why not go green? Good gadgets and environmental awareness lend well to efficient travels. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up these seven well-designed, eco-friendly, multipurpose products to help keep you organized and entertained on your journeys.

1. Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit

Why We Like It: This compact kit’s power pack is comprised of four rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged through your computer or in direct sunlight (the latter actually works more quickly). The kit not only offers a way to boost your cell phone’s battery life, but any other device that takes AA or AAA batteries (it comes with four AAs). Adding to its usefulness, the battery pack even sports a little built-in flashlight.

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How Much: $130

Buy It: Visit

2. iNature BioRolly Cord and Earphone Storage Unit

Why We Like It: This durable doohickey is not only super-handy, but made in Italy from a special biodegradable material. Use it for storing your Apple device’s charging cord and/or earphones. You wrap the cord, then pop the earbuds or charging connectors into the appropriate indentations—a simple but useful green-travel tech solution.

How Much: $8

Buy It: Visit

3. iDapt i1 Eco Universal Charger

Why We Like It: In the car, at the airport, at home, or abroad, this palm-size travel charger’s interchangeable tips help you power up two devices at once. It’s made from recyclable materials, but it’s even more environmentally friendly in how it automatically shuts off when it’s done charging. So you won’t be drawing electricity you don’t need, which is not only wasteful, but can potentially harm your devices.

How Much: $30

Buy It: Visit

4. Etón Rukus Solar Sound System

Why We Like It: This is the perfect portable sound system to have with you at the pool, the beach, or really anywhere under the sun. A sizable solar panel catches rays, adding hours to your music play time, while its E Ink display makes it easy to read in the sun. To top it off, this boom box can also power up your phone/music player as it rests in a convenient cargo pouch. In fact, because it can connect to your player either wirelessly or wired, you could play music from one device as you charge another.

How Much: $150

Buy It: Visit

5. SolarFocus Lighted Cover for Kindle

Why We Like It: This thin, resourceful, faux-leather cover—available for the fourth-generation Kindle and Kindle Touch—greatly extends your e-reading experience. Its built-in solar panel not only powers its own bright light for dozens of hours, but can top off the Kindle’s own battery, as well. Best of all, it’s sensitive enough to store light both indoors and out, whether in the shade or direct sun.

How Much: $80

Buy It: Visit Or check out their current promotions available at

6. Big Bait Bag

Why We Like It: Swap out your humdrum handbag on your next trip for one of these maritime-inspired, handcrafted silk and linen bags, lined with a sectioned interior pocket. They incorporate recycled materials from U.S. fishing villages and seaports, as well as sea glass from along Maine’s central coast. Look for oceanic adornments like waves and starfish, and choose between surf-minded colors like kelp, shell, and dune.

How Much: about $130

Buy It: Visit

7. Gallon RePac Bag

Why We Like It: This is the latest reusable travel pouch from a mother and daughter in California who originally sought to develop an eco-friendly sandwich bag. Roughly one foot squared, this nice-size sack is great for holding sunglasses, toiletries, makeup, and other travel gear. Even better, it’s resistant to leaking, water, stains, mold, and mildew. So you can even pack it full of your favorite dry or juicy snacks for the trip. And when you get back home, simply throw it in the washing machine (it also dries quickly).

How Much: $10

Buy It: Visit

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