Travel Blogs: Current Stories Around the Web — 11/18

Air Traffic Controllers Tell All

AOL Travel has a detailed and insightful piece written by Air Traffic Controllers. Be sure to read all three pages– each is a different first-person account of daily life in the control tower. One is given by a veteran, one by a union representative, and one by a trainee. It’s as fascinating as it is troubling. (via World Hum)

Improv Group Greets Strangers at JFK Baggage Claim

Have you ever exited to the Baggage Claim and wished there was someone around to greet you? Perhaps a sign-carrying, cheering welcome committee? The performance group Improv Everywhere recently greeted unsuspecting passengers at JFK airport, giving them the hometown reception most people only dream of. (via Boing Boing)

Best Sites for Booking Cheap Tickets

The time-saving tips experts over at Lifehacker have written a post about the Five Best Travel Sites for Cheap Tickets. It’s well worth a read.