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Top Hotels for Digital Detox

By Allison Davis
Sometimes it takes an intervention program to sever the smartphone tether. To help break the cycle and begin a digital detox, here are our favorite retreats that require forfeiting your little handheld addiction and making the conscious decision to purge.

Hotel Monaco, Chicago

Offer: Have the front desk at Hotel Monaco lock up your electronics so you can gain entry to the property’s only "tranquility suite," a calming beige and silvery blue-toned room replete with heating pads, bamboo linens, a Jacuzzi, and stunning views of the city. Bonus: The staff will remove the TV and phones ahead of your arrival for ultra relaxation mode.
Price: $449 per night

Lifehouse Country Spa Resort, Essex, England

Offer: Even though Lifehouse Country Spa says their detox package is for "stressed executives," but anyone seeking a no-tech, country getaway can head to rural Essex. Drop your smartphones off at daycare—what they call the "BlackBerry Creche"—and enjoy two days of personal training, a 50 minute massage and body treatment, and three gourmet meals a day with gratuities included.
Price: $695 per person for two nights.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, British Columbia

Offer: The stunning Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is working ranch that rewards those who step away from the screen with everything from an herbal oil massage to a horseback ride and guided meditative wilderness hike.
Price: $650 per person for two nights.

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The Quincy, Washington, DC

Offer: The "Be Unplugged" package at The Quincy encourages guests to go old school—giving up their Kindle and other gadgets in exchange for a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate and journal to capture deep thoughts that may emerge.
Price: Starts at $109 per night

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