Today’s Top Headlines: May 8, 2012


Noma comes to London for two weeks, but you still can’t get in; Air Canada is getting sued for thinking a planet was a plane; Costa ups their security game; Four Seasons wants you to get romantic on their property; and Venice Beach wants a zip line. Here’s what we’re reading today.

Rene Redzepi’s London pop-up sells like hot cakes, as expected.

Rene Redzepi is the much-buzzed about chef behind Noma, the restaurant just outside Copenhagen that has dutifully replaced el Bulli as ‘best restaurant in the world.’ It has subsequently become the impossible dream to get a table there. So he’s bringing a taste of his culinary genius to London with a two week pop-up restaurant during the summer Olympics inside Claridge’s, called "A Taste of Noma at Claridge’s." All 3,400 tickets sold out today in 2.5 hours. {Eater National}

Air Canada pilot mistook planet for another plane, is now getting sued.

Back in 2011, a fatigued pilot on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Zurich sent the plane diving toward the Atlantic Ocean, and injuring 14 passengers and two crew members, when he mistook Venus for another airplane. Now passengers are suing the airline for $20 million. Beyond injury and trauma, the suit also states that Air Canada didn’t disclose the real reason for the plane’s abrupt descent with passengers. {Huffington Post}

Costa gets new safety measures.

You remember Costa Cruises, right? Back in January, a Costa Cruise ran aground off the coast of Italy killing more than 30 people. After the incident, passengers maintained they’d never received proper emergency procedure instructions from the crew. Now, Costa Cruises has introduced seven new safety measures, like real-time route monitoring and guest emergency training, in line with the debut of their new $665 million flagship. {CNN}

New Berlin airport delayed over fire safety.

The June opening date of Berlin’s new Brandenburg Airport has been pushed back due to fire safety issues. The airport, which has been a $3.3 billion project, is meant as a sign of reunification for Berlin. It may not sound like much, but an opening party was already in the works, and first flights were scheduled, so the delayed date is a big upheaval. They’re projecting the new opening date will be in August. {Washington Post}

Four Seasons wants you to have your wedding with them. Really badly.

The Four Seasons, which recently debuted a new site design, has launched a full scale promotion of Four Seasons weddings across all platforms—in their online magazine, on their blog, with a new FSBridal Twitter account, and in their iPad app. Their Facebook page has a new wedding tab, and an Android app is in the works. They’ve also created a Pinterest board, and a competition to go with it called ‘Pin Your Dream Wedding‘ for a chance to win a substantially filled FS gift card. {TNooz}

Venice Beach might be getting a zip line.

When it comes to action and adventure, Venice Beach might not be the first place that pops into your head, but the powers that be in Venice Beach want to change that. Bill Rosendahl, LA City Councilman, is pushing to move a proposal forward for a 750-foot long, 24-foot tall zip line to be installed in Venice Beach. It may not make you rethink that trip to Costa Rica, but it might make you skip the "roller coaster" on the Santa Monica Pier. {Huffington Post}

Venice Beach via Shutterstock; Air Canada via Shutterstock.