Today’s Top Headlines: May 23, 2012


United Airlines is making more moves to ensure you really dislike flying with them (we predict an increase in train travel for 2012); Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted leaving their London hotel; a Vegas casino mogul’s estate is trying to gift some (potentially historical) moon chips to NASA; Motel 6 is being sold to a private US-based group for $1.9 billion; and Kerouac’s iconic novel On the Road has finally been made into a film, but no one seems to think it was a good idea. This is what we’re reading today.

United Airlines drops early boarding for children.

United Airlines seems to think that families traveling with children have got it too easy. So as of this summer, they will no longer allow early boarding for families that are not flying in either First or Business classes. This comes after the news that some airlines may charge extra to book certain seats. {USA Today}

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spotted in two London hotels.

Kim Kardashian and definite-boyfriend Kanye West have been spotted in London this week leaving the luxe Athenaeum hotel as well as the Saint Pancras Renaissance Hotel, where Kim hosted an event launching her QuickTrim diet system in the UK. According to HotelChatter, Kim has since boarded P.Diddy’s yacht bound for Cannes. {HotelChatter}

Moon chips sent from Vegas casino mogul to NASA.

Moon chips brought back by the first men on the moon may be making a long journey back to NASA. The Associated Press reports that, if they’re real, the moon chips that a Vegas casino mogul’s estate is in possession of would have been passed down from Nixon to a Nicaraguan dictator and a Baptist missionary before making it to Vegas. The moguls’ estate is looking to send the chips back to NASA, who are in the process of authenticating them. {Associated Press}

Motel 6 sold to private group for $1.9 billion.

Motel 6 is being sold by French company Accor SA to US-based Blackstone Group for $1.9 billion. The company already owns Hilton Worldwide, and is looking to expand the franchise of both Motel 6 and the extended-stay collection Studio 6. {Yahoo News}

On the Road film premieres at Cannes.

Well, Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel On the Road has been adapted for the big screen for the first time. The film has just premiered at Cannes, starring Kristen Stewart and Sam Riley, and directed by Walter Salles. It’s been less than well received by critics so far, though, with The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin saying it’s a "tedious loop of beatnik debauchery." {BBC News}

Photo credits: Cannes Film Festival via Shutterstock; NASA logo via Shutterstock