Today’s Top Headlines: May 18, 2012


A historic battleship is set to become a floating museum in Los Angeles; Yosemite wants you to take a peek at its Falls, Half Dome, and El Capitan from your cubicle; Facebook’s IPO isn’t the only one we’re talking about—looks like Kayak is up next; a (super cool) town in Wales has become the world’s first "Wikipedia Town"; and Connecticut wants you to love it like you love New York. Here’s what we’re taking in this morning.

Historic battleship USS Iowa to become museum in Los Angeles.

The USS Iowa, which was used to bring President Franklin D. Roosevelt across the Atlantic for a historic meeting with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin during World War II, is set to become a floating museum in Los Angeles. It is set to open on July 7th. {MSNBC}

Yosemite Falls sets up a webcam.

Thanks to technology, we’re actually able to find out what happens in nature when people aren’t there to see it. Yosemite National Park has set up webcams at Half Dome and El Capitan already, and the latest is at Yosemite Falls. They’re not the only ones, either—Denali National Park in Alaska has got one, as well as a handful of others across the country. {LA Times}

Is Kayak going to piggyback on Facebook’s IPO?

Facebook’s IPO set a record when it was valued at $104 billion yesterday. And that has some travel industry folk rumbling about whether or not Kayak’s impending IPO will be able to piggyback on Facebook, and be valued at $1 billion. TNooz reports that some say Kayak’s IPO will come just after Memorial Day, which others are still unsure of the timing. {TNooz}

Wales town Monmouth becomes world’s first ‘Wikipedia Town’.

A small Welsh town has turned itself into the world’s first "Wikipedia Town." From Saturday, visitors to Monmouth will be able to scan barcodes at points of interest around town to bring up a Wikipedia page about that spot (available in 26 languages, mind you). The town already boasts more than 1,000 barcodes as well as town-wide free WiFi. The project has been dubbed "Monmouthpedia." {Huffington Post}

Connecticut launching multi-million dollar tourism campaign.

Connecticut is not known as a major tourist hub. Sure there are ample reasons to visit and charming towns to stroll through, but it’s not really a destination. To fix that, the state is unveiling a 2 year and $27 million tourism campaign, called "Still Revolutionary" (seriously), that will run TV ads during sweeps week. According to Yahoo! News, they’re using New York’s wildly successful and iconic "I Love NY" campaign as their goal. {Yahoo! News}

Photo credits: Connecticut via Shutterstock; Yosemite Falls via Shutterstock