Today’s Top Headlines: May 15, 2012


"Nakationers" are convening in Las Vegas to discuss all things naked and vacations; Henry Kissinger was treated like the rest of us at the TSA (but they forgot he won the Nobel Peace Prize); Paramount Pictures wants to open a bunch of hotels with movie themes; the TSA is showing a gaping hole in tracking and correcting security issues; and Oceana Cruises broke an enormous (seriously, like more than 250 lbs.) bottle of Champagne to christen its new ship. Here’s the news we’re poring over this morning.

Las Vegas hosts convention for naked vacations.

Las Vegas is no stranger to naked people or conventions. And so it is that on June 1 and 2, naked vacationers ("nakationers") are convening in Las Vegas for the "Nudist Clubhouse Nudist Expo 2012" where they’ll discuss nudist resorts, travel agents that specialize in nakations, nude cruises, and more. A day-pass is $20 and while clothes are required inside the convention, the nightly pool parties will be largely fabric-free. {USA Today}

Henry Kissinger gets airport pat-down.

Even Kissinger is not safe. At New York’s LaGuardia Airport last Friday, Henry Kissinger was given a full on pat-down by the TSA despite, you know, serving under two presidents and winning a Nobel Peace Prize. Kissinger was in a wheelchair because of the long walk to his gate, and an eyewitness told ABC News that "None of the agents seemed to know who he was." He was reportedly heading to Toronto. {ABC News}

Paramount proposing more movie-themed hotels.

Themed hotels run the gamut, but they tend to border on (or fully live in) pretty kitschy, corny territory. But Paramount Pictures is talking about launching Paramount Hotels and Resorts, which would roll out properties in Brazil, the Caribbean, Russia, Qatar, Oman, South Africa, Indonesia, and the UK. They would be inspired by Paramount films, and each will feature mini-theaters for guests. {HotelChatter}

Report shows ‘gaping hole’ in airport security measures.

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg requested an investigation last year into the security measures at Newark Liberty Airport after a series of breaches. The results were recently released, showing that the TSA does a "poor job of centrally tracking security breaches." The TSA reportedly only took action on 42% of breaches at Newark in a little more than a year as a result of no working, central mechanism for gathering and correcting larger security issues. {MSNBC}

Oceana Cruises christens new ship with enormous bottle of Champagne.

Oceana Cruises christened a new ship in Barcelona yesterday, with U.S. restaurateur Cat Cora on hand to help celebrate. It is set to depart on a maiden 10-day voyage, stopping in 20 ports of call from France to Greece to Montenegro to Morocco. But our favorite part of this story? They christened it with a nearly 4 gallon Nebuchadnezzar of Veuve Clicquot Champagne weighing more than 250 lbs. {Travel Weekly}

Photo credits: Paramount Pictures via Gerry Boughan/Shutterstock; Cruise Ship via Shutterstock