Today’s Top Headlines: May 14, 2012


A Google Map can show us all where we take the most vacation snaps; travelers are behaving badly at 30,000 feet and not in the way you might think; a newly single English student is giving away a trip to Malta; a stranded fisherman is suing Princess Cruise Lines for negligence; and JetBlue ‘explains’ what happened when a toddler was removed from a flight last week for being on the No Fly list. Here’s a look at what’s got our attention this morning.

Google Map shows where tourists take the most photos.

A developer in Estonia created a map that pinpoints places that tourists most often take photos, using data from Panoramio, a photo sharing site. On the map, the levels of "touristiness" go from gray to yellow (yellow being the hottest or most frequently photographed). Unsurprisingly, the coastal United States and Western Europe are the most frequently photographed destinations on the globe. {TNooz}

Fliers generally ignore call to turn off electronics.

Turns out, Alec Baldwin has more influence on us than we knew. According to a poll on, at least 24% of fliers don’t comply with flight attendant requests for passengers to shut down electronics. The poll also found that 10% of fliers that listen to the announcement admitted to still not shutting off their gadgets. {USA Today}

Jilted boyfriend giving away trip to Malta.

A 22-year-old, and newly single, student in England posted a video to Youtube last week offering up a trip for two to Malta (pictured above) in July. He and his now-ex girlfriend had planned this trip together, valued at $1,600, before she broke up with him. How he’s taking submissions from couples looking to get away and has said he’ll make another video announcing the lucky winners in June. {MSNBC}

Princess Cruises sued for not helping stranded fisherman.

An 18-year-old Panamanian man is suing Princess Cruise Lines for negligence, after one of their ships failed to help him. He and two companions had been stranded at sea for more than 2 weeks, after their small boat’s motor had cut out, when they signaled for help from a Princess Cruise passing them by. No help came, and his companions died soon after. He was rescued more than 600 miles from where he started, and still more than a week later. {USA Today}

Jetblue removes toddler from plane because of no-fly ‘glitch.’

JetBlue has stated that a "computer glitch" is what caused an 18-month old toddler to be removed from a flight last week. On a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Newark, the young girl and her parents were asked to leave the plane just after boarding because the toddler’s name was listed on the No Fly list. {ABC News}

Photo credits: Malta via Shutterstock; Airplane interior via Shutterstock