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Tips for Traveling with Tots

For some parents, the idea of traveling to a far-flung destination, especially one that requires a long flight with young children, may seem like a struggle not worth the effort. However, getting away with your little ones doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, travel enthusiasts on our talk forums have actually found ways to make it easy (or at least less awful). Here are a few of their suggestions, including baby-friendly destinations, must-haves for the carry-on, and other veteran tricks.

Streamlining All of Your Baby Gear
“As for the monitor, I’d skip it. Too much hassle compared to the benefit, even if you get the right converters.” (more)

Strollers vs. Child Carriers
“We were really happy to have both and we used both, but it was possible for us because we kept our other luggage to a minimal.” more

Setting a Schedule
“We tend to do things based on our child’s schedule (even with time changes) to allow them to still take naps ad eat when they want to. I believe we have pictures of my daughter sleeping on nearly every park bench in Paris.” more

Planning Ahead When on the Road
“Oh, and yes, wipes and diapers are at virtually every store, but don’t get caught short-handed between towns or in the afternoon when many stores shut down.” (more)

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Success Stories: Baby-Friendly Destinations
Rome, Italy. “She spent the next half-hour running free, chasing pigeons in St. Peter’s Square while my husband chased her.” (more)
London, England.Every time we took the Tube with the stroller, I was shocked that complete strangers and exhausted commuters would offer to help carry bags, or lend a hand with the stroller on the stairs, or hold the door for us.” (more)
Japan. “You don’t need to carry a lot of diapers with you…what you can buy here is infinitely better in my opinion.” (more)

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