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Tip of the Week: Impress the locals with your language skills from!


Passport, toothbrush, teddy bear (we don’t judge), and vocabulary—essentials on any trip. If you’re taking a vacation it’s critical to learn at least some of the basic words and phrases in the language of your destination. No one wants to be the tourist ordering "foy grass" at the upscale French bistro, or worse, paying an astronomical price for cheese at that bustling Italian market. A perfect primer for your pending plans? Fodor’s Language for Travelers guides!

Fodor’s has teamed up with the lingual geniuses at Living Language to build a library of words, phrases and language knowledge free for your use. Each language comes with over 150 words and phrases, both written and available to listen to, so you can nail that pronunciation before you board the plane. Learn useful grammar tips and categories of phrase like shopping, dining, and common greetings—a perfect reference for all you Fodorites weighing in on local language etiquette in forums like this one. Print out a handy PDF guide to take with you as you ciao, guten tag and kon’nichiwa your way around the world. Bon voyage!

Photo Credit: Tourist couple via Shutterstock

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