Thousands of Cancellations Due to Midwest Storm


Welcome to round three of winter storm delays over the last few weeks. This time the snow is falling on the Windy City. Chicago’s two airports, both major hubs for connections across the country and beyond, are being forced to cancel hundreds of flights today as conditions worsen. Flight tracking sources are reporting over 1,800 flights have already been cancelled in the area, and more are to come as major cities deal with the storm’s fallout. Flying out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis airports will also prove difficult.

Though the storm is expected to let up by Wednesday in the Midwest, it will most likely continue to wreak havoc on the East Coast through the end of the week. The coastal storm will lay a few inches of snow on the DC area, and while New York and Philadelphia will see less precipitation, the wind will be high enough there to cause delays and cancellations.

What to do if you’re planning to fly in the next few days? Stay updated on your flight’s status on the airline’s site (and sign up for mobile updates for immediate notification), or check the news and trends on FlightAware or FlightStats. If your flight is actually cancelled or delayed, visit the Fodor’s Air Travel Forum for tips from Fodorites who’ve been there before.

Photo credit: Flight cancellations via Shutterstock