The Seven Wackiest Museums in America

By Marisa Lowenstein

If you’re tired of viewing priceless works of art at the National Gallery or the Metropolitan Museum of Art – or if traipsing through galleries was never your thing – you may be ready for something a little different.

America may be home to some of the most renowned and prestigious museums in the world, but it also hosts some of the wackiest. Scattered throughout the United States are museums showcasing every imaginable object and idea and costing little or nothing to visit.
And while any citizen with a significant collection of something (Pez dispensers, cookie jars, gourds) can open his or her home to the public and become an instant curator, some museums are definitely higher on the wacky scale than others.

The following exhibitions were selected for their entertaining subject matter and degree of accidental edification. They may not suit all travelers, but they will no doubt challenge your conception of what a museum ought to be.