The Obama Cocktail Comes to Boston


On the heels of President Barack Obama’s statement last week in support of marriage equality, a Boston hotel rolled out a cocktail a few days later that’s in honor of this celebratory moment for the gay community.

"The Obama," the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro signature libation, contains Lillet Blanc, gin, fresh blueberries, and tonic water (L for Lillet, G for gin, B for blueberries, T for tonic.). It will be served on the rocks, garnished with two blueberries, in the hotel’s bar daily through June 10, which is when Boston’s annual Gay Pride Week ends. Each drink costs $11.

The drink is appropriately timed with an influx of gay-friendly travelers arriving to Boston for Pride Week (including the 2012 parade, which is a march to promote equal rights for gay, lesbian, and transgender people nationwide). Yet it also pays tribute to 30 years of the Pride movement worldwide, and the International Association of Pride Organizers (founded in Boston in 1982).

With just 13 rooms, Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro–in Boston’s historic and chic Beacon Hill neighborhood near the Public Garden—fuses modern amenities (the cocktail’s innovative mixology, just one example) with a quaint charm. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as weekend brunch, is served daily.

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Photo credits: Courtesy of the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro