American Expands Service to Dominica

Starting December 13, American Eagle will expand its San Juan to Dominica service with the addition of a 1 p.m. flight to Dominica on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. (The flight arrives in Dominica at 2:51 p.m.) The addition of a second flight will supplement the existing daily service, allowing more travelers to make a same-day connection to the island, especially those who fly into San Juan nonstop from airports in the eastern half of the United States.

The addition of a second flight to Dominica reflects the growing popularity of the Caribbean’s lesser-known destinations, which are both less expensive to visit and less developed than other islands in the region. Dominica has received particular attention as a result of ongoing efforts there to create environmentally safe tourism. In Dominica, don’t expect to find highrise hotels or big luxury resorts. What you will find are small, family-owned hotels and tour companies that take advantage of the island’s natural beauty and proximity to great dive sites and whale migration routes.

Doug Stallings