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In the Grand Canyon, the Skywalk Opens

070207_skywalkF.JPGMost visitors to the Grand Canyon expect awesome views, but the 720-degree vistas from the Grand Canyon Skywalk are likely to give new meaning to the word “awe.” Scheduled to open on March 28, the Skywalk is a glass, u-shaped structure that juts out over the western rim at Eagle Point, 4,000 feet above the canyon floor. Chicago’s Sears Tower (1,450 feet) and the Taipei 101 Tower (1,671 feet) could easily stand end to end in that space, with room to spare.

The walkway extends 70 feet out over the canyon. Five-foot-tall railings will prohibit falling or jumping, and the flooring is made of tempered glass, permitting untrammeled views of the canyon floor thousands of feet below (probably not the ideal tourist stop for those who suffer from fear of heights).

There are no weight or height restrictions for visitors, but only 120 people will be allowed on the Skywalk at a given time. Children under 4 years of age are not permitted. (Strollers are not allowed.)

The 6000-square-foot Skywalk Visitor Center, to be completed later in the year, will include, among other things, a museum, gift shop, and several restaurants and bars.

For more information about Skywalk, call 877/716-9378. Or see the Web site at

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