Sacramento’s New $1 Billion Terminal Opens

By Seth Baker

Sacramento International Airport’s new $1 billion art-filled terminal has opened, one of the largest construction projects in the city’s history.


The terminal’s centerpiece is a suspended, 56-foot long red hare jumping into a suitcase, just one many works of locally-inspired art—which cost $6 million to acquire—designed to capture the spirit of California’s Central Valley.

The project took two and a half years to complete, and created 2,400 jobs in a state where the unemployment rate is more than 10%.

In addition to the eye candy, the terminal features next generation scanners, people-movers, and walls built specifically to allow for future expansion. Shops and branches of local restaurants are on either side of security, as are seats with padding, cup-holders, and built-in electrical outlets.

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Photo credit: courtesy aresauburn/flickr