Nationwide Events Help You Plan a Career Break


The career break—that magical phrase that signifies travel, romance, adventure…and an end to 8:00 am conference calls. Some of us only dare to dream about it. And some of us actually have the guts to actually do it. Well, for the latter, there’s Meet, Plan, Go!, the self-named leader of the career break movement in North America.

Meet, Plan, Go!, aside from having a name that defies grammar checks, offers information for travelers considering taking a break from corporate life and seeing the world for an beyond the bounds of those accrued vacation days. They host local meet-ups and offer everything from "Basic Training" travel courses to product reviews, insurance information, help with booking hostels, articles on budgeting, and much more.

And on October 16, you’ll have the chance to meet kindred spirits in travel at one of ten regional events hosted by Meet, Plan, Go! across North America. Speak with experienced career breakers who can offer worldly wisdom and maybe that kick in the pants you need to ditch the office and get out on the open road. Keynote speakers will share their travel stories, and smaller discussion groups will be available for practical information gathering and planning. Tickets are available at and are $20/ticket. Go ahead, click on it. You know you want to.

Photos courtesy of Meet, Plan, Go!