You Won’t Look Like Your Granny While Traveling in These Fashionable Visors

If visors make you think of tennis players and casino dealers, think again. These topless hats with the wide brims are perfect for travel and come in styles befitting fashionistas, regular-shmegulars, and everyone in between.

Visors have come a long way, baby. If you associate them with a golfer out on the links or a late 19th-century accountant, it’s time to stop living in the past and fast forward to now. Do visors have a throwback vibe? Sure. But that’s part of their charm. And they’ve been around forever for a good reason.

Visors keep the sun off your entire face, instead of just shading your eyes (and slipping down your nose when you sweat) like sunglasses. And, unlike other hats, they pack well in suitcases and everyone looks good in them.

We’ve said all that to say that the visor may just the perfect travel accessory. Whether you’re couture or normcore, there’s a visor out there for you. Just because your grandma in Florida dons a visor for bingo is no reason why you can’t rock one while touring Chichen Itza or the Colosseum.

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PHOTO: Eugenia Kim
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Can’t you see yourself astride a camel at the Great Pyramids of Giza in this handmade black-lacquer visor by Eugenia Kim? You’d be in good company if you made an investment in one of her chapeaus: Beyoncé, Charlize Theron, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sarah Jessica Parker are all devotees.

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PHOTO: Rag + Bone
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It’s hard to imagine a visor being hipper than this one by rag & bone. The brand, usually known for its understated downtown vibe, threw everything they had at this model—goatskin, elastic, snakeskin, and PVC—yet somehow it all works together.

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The Whipstitch Roll Up Travel Visor gets extra points for going all the way around the back to keep the sun off your neck as well. Plus, its crushable virtually indestructible and has a good old Velcro closure for maximum adjustability. The white contrast stitching is another thoughtful touch.

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Because fashionable doesn’t have to mean pricey, ASOS Design makes a natural straw visor that is affordable but steers clear of being boring with its black contrast band and bow tie back (at a price can’t be beaten).

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When Gucci decides to include a men’s visor in its Cruise 2019 collection, it’s a pretty good sign the jet set is embracing this whole hat without a lid thing. Without screaming Gucci, this green and red style lets those in the know know its Gucci. The design house said that this look was inspired by kids who wore visors to raves in the 1990s. The lining is terry cloth and a leather strap tops the whole thing off in perfect Italian style. At

PHOTO: amazon
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It will probably come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the most popular visor on Amazon for both men and women doesn’t cost as much as a car note. This utilitarian, understated and trés American visor emblazoned with the iconic Nike Swoosh is unisex, adjustable with Velcro, comes in a bunch of colors and wicks away sweat to keep your head dry. Whether you wear it earnestly or with a nod to normcore, this is a model that pretty much anyone can just do.

PHOTO: amazon
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If it’s good enough for postal workers who are outside all day every day, it’s good enough for globe-trotting explorers. After all, the motto “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” applies to world travelers as well. Top off your travel gear with a USPS sun cap hat in navy blue and make civil service chic a thing.

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PHOTO: Bernstock
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Every time we pack for a trip, our kitty loves to jump in our luggage because he wants to go with us (or because he likes getting cat hair on our clothes). Either way, we are all about this visor sporting a pair of cat ears and whiskers stitched on the bow. The Cool Cat Visor was dreamed up by Bernstock Speirs, a millinery in the UK, because who knows more about headgear than the Brits?

PHOTO: Columbia
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If you’re not sure who the Women’s Global Adventure Packable Visor is designed for, let us explain. It’s for women going on a global adventure who need to be able to smoosh that bad boy into their bag and not worry about how it’s gonna look when it comes out. This durable, resistant visor comes in four fun color combos—Camel Brown/Deep Madeira, Natural/Red Coral, and White/Nocturnal.

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In case you miss the message this visor is sending you, we are happy to spell it out for you. A-D-I-O-S, as in, “See you later, I’m going on vacation and I’m taking my visor with me.” The Bondi Palm Visor is made of natural palm with hand-stitched letters and trim in fiesta-inspired colors.

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The clean simplicity of the Valencia Visor by Wyeth won us over. The neutral motif and wide 360-degree sun-blocking brim would work beautifully in Valencia or anywhere else for that matter.

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It’s probably to be expected that when Christian Dior makes a visor, they’re going to take it to a whole other level. The unisex yellow visor vigilantly shields against UVA and UVB rays while the black-and-white frame screams out “J’adore!,” which is just how we feel about this Dior Visor.

13_Granny'sVisor__EricJavitz_13.) Eric Javitz
PHOTO: Eric Javitz
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For the man who’s not afraid to make bold travel or fashion choices, we recommend this Eric Javits visor which couples eye-catching design with thoughtful practicality. The interior cotton terry forehead pad detaches for washing and it scored an official 50+ UPF rating for its effectiveness in blocking out UVA/UVB radiation.

The women’s version is pretty rad as well. The brand is beloved by the international set, royalty, and ladies who lunch, as well as the likes of Lady Gaga, Lupita Nyong’o, Kim K., and Madonna.

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This tie scarf visor in African wax print fabric is a three-for-one special. You can fold it and wear it as a visor, use it as a scarf with a visor, or tuck in the tail and sport it as a cap. It’s light, flexible and comes with a matching stowaway pouch for easy transport. The designer, Nada Kalmoni, is Ghanaian-born and lives in Rome, which explains the perfect fusion between African craftsmanship and discerning design. Kalmoni created the scarf-visor as a solution for her own summer holidays, but when her friends all wanted one she realized she was onto something and opened a shop on Etsy to sell her wares.

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Certain combinations work together wonderfully well: peanut butter and chocolate, Sonny and Cher, the birds and the bees. Another, lesser-known perfect combo is a scrunchie and a visor. Knowing this, Scünci, the makers of the famous 1980s hair accessory have combined the two in this visor head wrap. We know cool moms in Florida who swear by this thing as well as sporty travelers who want their hair out of their faces and the sun out of their eyes when they are seeing the sights.