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You Can Travel to the Edges of the Earth With These 10 TikTok Accounts

These ten TikTok creators show you what life is like in the Arctic Circle, rural Tibet, and beyond.

From the dark sloping snow dunes of Svalbard to the peaks and valleys of the Himalayas to the ever famous but mysterious Faroe Islands, TikTok can take you around the world in 60 seconds.

While popular YouTube and Instagram travel accounts provide glossy aesthetics and solid inspiration for a weekend away, TikTok goes more in-depth in a shorter amount of time. When you follow the right creators, a deeper understanding of place and cross-cultural connection unfolds as you scroll. Swipe to see ten diverse TikTok-ers showing the frozen eyelashes, the temperamental yaks, and every tiny detail that comes with life from Svalbard to Appalachia and Zambia to rural China.

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The Snowy Dunes of Svalbard With Sejsejlija

With over 1 million followers, Celia Blomdahl talks her audience through the ins and outs of life near the North Pole. She lives and films on the 2,600-person island of Svalbard, where walrus’ dance in the water and the Northern Lights make a frequent appearance. If you’re interested in the logistics of living on this otherworldly arctic island, she spares no details there either.


Maaf garnu hola Tapai le samparka garna khojnu bhayeko no. Ahile besta cha. Kai samaye pachi pani bestai huncha. K garne, garo cha #lost #lostinnature

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Hike the Himalayas With LamaWalks

LamaWalks is a small account run by the executive director of Himalayan Medics, Rajesh Lama. He not only shows gorgeous vistas of his travels through the Himalayas but also interacts with the people he meets along the way. Even better? He operates a tour company by the same name, so if you get tired of living vicariously through his TikTok account, you can contact him to plan the trek of a lifetime.

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Explore the Amazon With WaponiAmazon

WaponiAmazon is run by Moi, a young Indigenous Ecuadorian from the Amazonian Waorani culture. He uses his TikTok to educate his audience about Waorani culture and show plant and animal life in the rainforest while raising money for a monkey sanctuary. A scroll through his page is a delightful voyeuristic venture filled with mischievous monkeys, graceful descents from Kapok trees, and language lessons.

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Learn Appalachian Traditions With Lakynsappalachianlife

Lakyn Bolen is on a mission to dispel stereotypes about Appalachia. With just a few 60-second clips, she’ll make you want to pack up your old life and head to the land of the pines for an existence of slow cooking and slower drives. Her account features everything from verdant walks to old-school Appalachian recipes. Visit her website to pinch more of mee-maws culinary hits and learn about daily life in Appalachia.


The cliffs and sea stacks on the west coast of Suduroy islands. 😍 #faroeislands #landscape #seastacks #roamthefaroeislands #suduroy #island #travel

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Live a Faroe Islands Fantasy With Saviour Mifsud

Saviour Mifsud is a professional photographer who lives on the far-flung Faroe Islands. Though his following on TikTok is small, his page gives a very complete look into the diverse beauty of this tiny Danish outpost. As a photographer, he’s trusted by clients as discerning the BBC and The Faroe Islands official tourism board. If you ever cross the North Sea, Mifsud also offers tours!


My grandma won’t get tired of having pumpkins for three meals a day.(part 6)我奶奶是一天三頓吃南瓜都不帶膩的(六)

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Slow-Cooking in Rural Sichuan With Li Ziqi

Li Ziqi rose to prominence on YouTube in 2016 after filming rustic-chic videos of her life in the Sichuan foothills. Now on TikTok, she takes the formula that made her so famous on YouTube and condenses it. With an emphasis on the idyllic countryside and ancient traditions, her videos feature soothing flute music as she makes lipstick from rose petals and arranges cotton threads.


This is why 2 million people visit Mt. Rainier National Park every year 🏔 #pnw #travel #mtrainier #adventure #mtrainiernationalpark #washington

♬ Je te laisserai des mots - Patrick Watson
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Hike Through Pacific Northwest With Carson Burek

Washington native Carson Burek spares no secrets as he takes his 200k TikTok followers up to sun-dappled summits and down to the depths of mysterious mossy caves. Though he sometimes ventures over state lines to Oregon, he mostly dedicates himself to exploring every inch of Washington. If you’re a fan of hiking, this is the ultimate voyeuristic account!


Reply to @beanigirl077 I personally feel very blessed to be living the life I am living. #richlife #fyp

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Experience School Life in Zambia With Dora Moono Nyambe

At just age 28, Dora Moono Nyambe has already leveraged the power of social media to build a school in Zambia’s Mapama Village. What started as a small-scale but earnest mission with just a handful of students has grown into a 106 person school. Nyambe isn’t shy about sharing every aspect of her and her students day to day life, from gardening to going to the market.


Write 1 if you like the scenery and 2 if you don't like it#scenery

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Navigate New Zealand With Hanrosewatt

From snowy peaks to bright blue pools, micro travel influencer Hannah Watt takes her 12k followers to every remote corner of New Zealand. She has a penchant for backcountry huts and an eye for undulating marine life. Dendrophiles will love this lighthearted romp through New Zealand’s natural landscapes.

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Explore Unknown Tea Plantations With Rurallifechina

This account gives candid a new meaning. Rurallifechina’s 15k followers come for the sweeping and serene views of white-walled villages and misty mountains but stay for the creator’s unique flair. Depending on the day, you’ll find him engaging in any number of antics, from eating watermelon underwater to Dj-ing on old farm equipment.