Where to Buy the Coolest Halloween Costumes on the Planet

There are plenty of places you can go for a good costume, but some costume shops are a little bit more fun than the rest.

Maybe you’re looking for a Halloween costume and would prefer to go somewhere other than a Target for once (no disrespect–Target is wonderful), or, maybe you’re somebody who enjoys dressing up year round, and Halloween costumes to you are just regular, everyday outfits. Either way, these costume shops are open all throughout the year, and they’re some of the most unique and overall fun places to shop.

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Adele's of Hollywood

WHERE: Los Angeles

Somewhat hidden in the upstairs portion of an old building, Adele’s of Hollywood is a Los Angeles costume shop staple–and in true LA form, it’s an overwhelming amount of things crammed into a small place, and it is extremely popular (but for good reason!). They are known for specializing in Santa Claus, creating customized Santa suits, as well as selling any and every Santa Claus accessory you could ever need or want. If you are looking to be Santa Claus, or looking to shop where all of the malls and Hollywood people go to obtain their high quality Santa Claus materials, you definitely want to go to Adele’s.

PHOTO: Mike Mayfield
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Funky Monkey

WHERE: New Orleans

Halloween is huge in New Orleans, so it’s no surprise that the city is home to many extremely excellent costume shops. There’s honestly too many to list, so we’ve just compiled a few, okay? Funky Monkey is a clothing exchange that mixes new and used clothes, vintage clothes, and of course, Halloween costumes.

Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, California PHOTO: Frank Kehren/Flickr, [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
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Piedmont Boutique

WHERE: San Francisco

This is an “iconic” shop on Haight Street in San Francisco and we cannot not list it because: look at those legs sticking out of the building. You’ve probably seen this store without even knowing what it is. It’s a costume shop, and it’s a really good one. It’s pricey, but it’s the Bay Area, so of course it’s pricey, but they’ve got a good selection of costumes, jewelry, boas, etc, and it’s certainly worth going inside.

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Boston Costume

WHERE: Boston

Boston Costume is a massive costume store in Cambridge open year round with rentals and retail. Also, it has an exorbitant amount of costumes for your Halloween outfit. It is absolutely a one stop shop–except, actually, it shares a roof with The Garment District, another costume shop (or, “alternative department store,” as it calls itself), so, technically it’s a one stop…two shops. Anyways, two shops, one roof–you’ve got plenty of options here.

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New Orleans Party and Costume

WHERE: New Orleans

New Orleans Party and Costume is a two story costume shop has everything you could probably need as far as a Halloween costume is concerned. We’re talking props, make up, masks, and the second floor is entirely dedicated to actual costumes, separated into several different categories.

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Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds

WHERE: Austin

This costume shop is a magical carnival world inside a colorful building on South Congress. You literally cannot miss it, because there is a gigantic zebra wearing a dress and a fruit hat on top of it. They have a large selection of costumes, masks, accessories and jewelry. There are also a lot of mascot costumes, in case you are in need of one of those.

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Halloween Town Costumes

WHERE: Burbank

Burbank is not Los Angeles and the whole town will politely scream that at you if you asked. Burbank is its own entity–and is home to an array of fantastic and unique open-year-round Halloween stores. One of the more popular ones is Halloween Town Costumes, and they have two locations on the same damn street: Halloween Town Costumes and Halloween Town Original, just a block away from each other on lovely Magnolia Blvd. They sell literally all Halloween things: costumes, novelties, housewares, decorations, art…etc. Also, the outside is a sight to behold. If it’s your first time in the city, you might drive around and be like, “Wow, why are there so many Halloween stores in this place?” and the answer would be: because there is. Deal with it. They’re great.

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New York Costumes

WHERE: New York City

New York Costumes boasts itself as being New York’s biggest year round costume store, and it’s probably true because the whole store is an entire block long. Sweet god, this is a large costume store. You are sure to find everything you need here or else what in the hell are you looking for, man??? They’ve always got an interesting, seasonal window display and the interior is essentially a Halloween palace. Also, the lower level of the store is called the “Downstairs Chamber” and it’s very, very creepy.

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Spirit Halloween


And there’s always good ol’ Spirit Halloween Stores, located in… well, all right, it’s located in most states. It may be a chain store, but it’s a gigantic, magical megastore and it’s everywhere. The one in Los Angeles claims to be the biggest Halloween store in the existence of the world, which, I mean, that’s cool. It’s a solid choice. It’s the Chili’s of Halloween stores: Nothing wrong with a Chili’s every once and awhile, especially if it’s conveniently located right next to where you live and you just don’t feel like traveling too far because it’s been a long week and you’re tired and you just want some decent queso.

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