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Want to Pretend You’re Part of the Royal Family? Shop Here

Shop for ketchup (and other products) as the royals do.

It sounds intimidating, but a Royal Warrant of Appointment is recognition given to artisans and products used by the British Royal Household. When shopping for everything from ketchup (Buckingham Palace buys Heinz) to luxury cars (Jaguar, Aston Martin and Bentley) royal followers can treat themselves to products that the queen stocks in her cupboards.

Following a medieval tradition, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Prince of Wales grant their suppliers an official seal. Look for the words, “With appointment by…” above an ornate seal to see who grants which product. Published each year in the London Gazette, the list of over 800 warrant holders is very precise. The entire queendom knows that even if her majesty is happy to cross St. James Park to buy her pickles at Fortnum & Mason, she buys her tea from Twinings.

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Charbonnel et Walker

Hidden in the historic Royal Arcade on Old Bond Street, this 19th-century chocolate shop was founded by Parisienne Madame Charbonnel and her London pal Minnie Walker. With French heritage, it’s not surprising that Charbonnel et Walker is best known for their Marc de Champagne truffles. And it is easy to guess who has a sweet tooth, as their Royal Warrant is by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen.

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Corgi Hosiery Limited Socks

It’s not surprising that the Prince of Wales buys his socks from Corgi Hosiery, a 19th-century knitting factory that calls his princedom home. Run by the Jones family for over 120 years, they are known for their high-quality, brightly-colored, socks in cotton, wool, and cashmere. Houses like Burberry and Ralph Lauren have put the brand in the international spotlight, while hosiery in their own name can be found at the Loake store on 39 Jermyn Street in Mayfair.

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DAKS Fashion

Cutting traditional British tailoring since the 1800s, today Daks sits on Old Bond Street, surrounded by high fashion houses Valentino, Gucci, and Etro. Outfitting the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales, Daks is one of only fifteen purveyors to boast all three Royal Warrants. The brand claims to have invented the first self-supporting trousers in 1934, and their selection today remains relevantly modern, with a rich selection of ties and scarves for particularly functional, yet fashionable souvenirs.

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Gieves and Hawkes

Savile Row is home to the finest men’s tailoring in the world and Gieves & Hawkes is one of the street’s most brilliant jewels, with nearly 250 years of experience dressing Britain’s most distinguished gentlemen. Holding all three Royal Warrants, Gieves & Hawkes has expanded from making military uniforms and bespoke suits, now hosting an emporium of everything from socks to pocket squares to keep dashing men looking their best.

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J Floris

The founder, Juan Floris, began selling perfume, combs, and shaving brushes at 89 Jermyn Street near the St James gentlemen’s clubs in 1730. Less than a mile from Buckingham Palace, they were well placed to become a royal favorite and today J Floris is the only perfumery with a Royal Warrant by Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. Their scent, Royal Arms, was created to celebrate her birth in 1923, and a Diamond Edition was issued for her Jubilee as Queen. Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe are a few other notable customers who have shopped the brand.

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Mappin & Webb

Queen Elizabeth is not the first royal to shop for jewels and sterling ware at Mappin & Webb. Marie Antoinette, Czar Nicolas II, and Princess Grace Kelly were also customers, as were more common beings like Charles Dickens and Harry Houdini. First given a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria, they were recently named the Crown Jeweller and are now official custodians to the Crown Jewels. While not everyone can afford a tiara, they are most famous for their silver pieces which are available in a variety of prices.

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Taylors of Harrogate

While the Queen may get her tea at Twining, The Prince of Wales relies on Taylors of Harrogate for his coffee and tea needs. Founded in 1830 and holding a Royal Warrant since 1886, the brand has made itself a household name throughout the queendom. Today they are best known for their coffee and can easily be found in stores across London, most notably Tesco and Waitrose grocers.

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Launer London

Have you ever wondered where Her Majesty the Queen stocks up on her signature collection of handbags? Launer London earned her Royal Warrant in 1968 and it has been a personal favorite ever since. The queen’s favor did not keep their top handle body bags from going out of fashion, but when the Queen donned a Launer bag for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011, the old became new again. Now, ladies bags are being made by every designer in every fashion magazine on the shelf.

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