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These Famous U.S. Restaurants Will Ship Food Right to Your Door

Dinner just got way more exciting with meal kits from celebrity chef-led establishments and local restaurants people can’t get enough of.

Restaurants around the country have been hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The industry went from a booming success to being in desperate need of customers and funds, almost overnight. While many restaurants have closed permanently, others have gotten creative with how they reach diners around the country—and even around the world—with meal kit deliveries. Now fans of hundreds of restaurants can get their favorite dish, dessert, and sometimes even drinks delivered right to their front door to create themselves from the safety of their own kitchen, without having to guess what ingredients are needed or go to the grocery store.

Most of these restaurants are using Goldbelly, a platform that is also helping to support essential workers through Goldbelly’s Givebelly City Subscriptions. There are six cities to choose from including New York City, New Orleans, and Miami. After choosing a city to subscribe to you’ll get monthly deliveries for three or six months with iconic dishes from some of that city’s most famous restaurants. 100% of all net proceeds go toward delivering Goldbelly meal kit boxes to vital essential workers.

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Magnolia Bakery

WHERE: New York City

Magnolia Bakery has been whipping up sweet confections since opening in 1996 as a cupcake shop. Since then, the bakery has gained international fame for its decadent banana pudding. The sweet treat is layered with vanilla wafers and fresh bananas—this banana pudding is definitely not your Southern grandma’s potluck banana pudding.

It’s delivered to your house pre-made so all you have to do is dish it out into bowls, grab a spoon, and enjoy. And if that still sounds like too much work, eating the pudding right out of the container while binging your favorite TV show is good, too.

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Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe

WHERE: Key West, Florida

Traveling to Key West usually includes a slice or two of key lime pie at a restaurant or from the small shop in the middle of the main square called Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe. Everything you can imagine in key lime flavor is sold here, but the real treat is the sweet slices of homemade key lime pie that are served naked, with nothing on them, or covered in chocolate.

If a taste of summer is what you’re longing for in the middle of a drab and dreary winter then getting a whole key lime pie delivered to your house may bring a bit of sunshine to your home. When your delivery makes it to your house, slice it up and serve with extra whipped cream to help cut the sour tartness of the pie.

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Parkway Bakery and Tavern

WHERE: New Orleans, Louisiana

Parkway Bakery and Tavern, which opened its doors in 1911, is one of the most popular restaurants in New Orleans to get an iconic po’ boy sandwich. In fact, former president Barack Obama and Food Network star Alton Brown have both praised the restaurant as a favorite of theirs when visiting the Crescent City. What makes the roast beef po’ boy at Parkway Bakery and Tavern special is that the sandwich was actually invented at this restaurant in 1929 during the Streetcar Strike.

The sandwich is delivered to your door unassembled but with everything you need to serve four people. The package includes 32 ounces of the famous roast beef in gravy, two loaves of super-soft French bread, and Swiss cheese. The traditional po’ boy dressings are also in the box and include lettuce, pickles, and mayo. Add your own slice of tomato and you’ve made yourself a New Orleans favorite.

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McLoons Lobster Shack

WHERE: South Thomaston, Maine

Traveling to New England typically means you’ll enjoy a lobster roll or two from seafood shacks near the shore. While sitting outside you might even see a few of the fishermen bringing in the fresh catch of the day that’s being served right where you’re eating. One of the places where this is common is McLoons Lobster Shack. And while not all of us can make it to the coast for a fresh lobster roll, the coast can come to your house with this kit, even if it’s just for an afternoon picnic in the backyard.

What makes McLoons lobster rolls stand apart from others in the area is their signature half-and-half rolls, which are half butter and half mayo. The box arrives at your house with all of the necessities to make the half-and-half rolls, including a pound of freshly-picked lobster meat from the tail, knuckle, and claw of the lobster. You’ll also get four New England-style split-top rolls, Casco Bay artisan sea salt butter, mayo, roll sleeves, and an instruction card on how to make the lobster rolls super authentic. Grab a bag of your favorite chips and a jar of pickles and you have the perfect picnic.

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Pat’s King of Steaks

WHERE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Just like po’ boys, cheesesteaks are on almost every corner in Philadelphia. One of the most sought-after sandwiches though is in South Philly at Pat’s King of Steaks. The iconic location started out as a hotdog stand in the 1930s, but one day Pat put thinly-sliced beef and onions instead of a hotdog on a roll and the rest is history. A while later, cheese was added to the sandwich making it a gooey indulgence.

You’ll need to know the lingo when ordering this meal kit. You can choose for your sandwich to come “wit” onions or “wit-out” onions. Then pick your cheese from cheese whiz, American cheese, or provolone cheese. Each cheesesteak comes completely assembled, unless you order cheese wiz, which comes in a separate container for you to put on yourself. When it’s time to eat, pop these beauties in the oven for about 10 minutes and you’re ready to dive in.

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Louie Mueller Barbecue

WHERE: Taylor, Texas

Barbecue comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors across the country. What makes Texas BBQ stand out is the reliance on beef as the main meat instead of pork or chicken. Brisket and beef ribs are king in Texas. At Louie Mueller Barbecue, meats are slow-smoked for hours before being dished out to hungry customers in the restaurant and around the country. The family-run restaurant has been around since 1949 and is still in the family today.

When it comes to meals to get from the legendary BBQ joint, the one to get is the chopped brisket sandwich kit. The package comes with three pounds of Louie Mueller chopped beef, eight buns, and two bottles of housemade BBQ sauce.

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Katz Delicatessen

WHERE: New York City

Katz Delicatessen is a staple for locals and tourists in New York City. The famous deli has been open since 1888 and has served millions of Reuben sandwiches over the years. The sandwiches at the deli are piled high on rye bread, with corned beef or pastrami, and all the traditional fixings. The sandwich is delivered to you with stringy cheese that has a thick slather of Russian dressing on top, making for a messy but perfect sandwich.

If you can’t seem to get enough of Katz Delicatessen, then the Rueben Package might be a great at-home treat. The box makes four towering sandwiches and includes two pounds of corned beef or pastrami, a half loaf of rye bread, and one pound each of Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut. You’ll also get two quarts of pickles in your choice of full sour or new pickles.

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Chap’s Pit Beef

WHERE: Baltimore, Maryland

What started out as a 12-by-15-foot shack has now become a national food icon. Chap’s Pit Beef started in 1987 when married couple Donna and Bob were given the shack as a wedding gift. Since then they’ve been serving up roast beef that’s made over an open charcoal fire on sandwiches to the likes of Guy Fieri and Anthony Bourdain. The sandwiches are stacked high with pit beef, their famous horseradish “Tiger Sauce,” barbeque sauce, onions, and pickles.

To recreate the sandwich at home you’ll get everything you need in one box. The package includes two pounds of sliced pit beef and eight ounces each of barbeque sauce, Tiger Sauce, pickle chips, and sliced onions. You’ll also get eight potato buns to construct your sandwich on.

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Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

WHERE: Nashville, Tennessee

Hot chicken has been a trending food item for a while now, but nothing compares to the real thing from Nashville staple, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. The restaurant was founded in 2012 by a father and son. Since the successful launch of the original Hattie B’s, the restaurant has expanded, with several locations around Nashville and new locations across the south in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Memphis. At Hattie B’s, you can get your chicken without spice as Southern fried chicken, or have the spice level kicked all the way to ten with the Shut The Cluck Up!!!.

No matter which spice level you choose, each of the kits that are delivered to your house includes enough chicken to feed four. You’ll get two breasts, wing quarters, legs, and thigh quarters. You’ll also need to pick your spice level, which could include sauces and a spice pack. To make this a real Hattie B’s experience right in your kitchen, gather up a few slices of white bread to lay your fried chicken on and top it with a pickle slice.

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Girl & the Goat by Stephanie Izard

WHERE: Chicago, Illinois

Chef Stephanie Izard has been featured on Iron Chef Gauntlet and Top Chef, where she won both seasons she appeared on. Her signature dishes from Girl & the Goat have international flair while still being familiar to people who are a little pickier about what they eat. While working on making your restaurant-style dinner in your home, you’ll also enjoy one of the signature cocktails from the restaurant, the Blueberry Yum Yum cocktail.

This kit is a little more involved since the dishes aren’t pre-done. The kit comes with everything you need to make three of the top-selling dishes from the restaurant, including beef short rib potstickers, slap noodles, and smashed cucumber salad. The kit also includes everything you need for a cocktail except the alcohol. Because the drink is pretty basic, you can add your favorite spirit like gin or tequila into the base to make a custom drink.

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The Grey

WHERE: Savannah, Georgia

Downtown Savannah is flooded with restaurants. Some are great, and others are not-so-great. One that should definitely be on your radar though is The Grey. This comfort food restaurant is serving up dishes like shrimp and grits and fried chicken out of an old Greyhound bus terminal. Chef Mashama Bailey, who received the James Beard Award in 2019, curates the menu based on what’s available locally and what’s seasonally best.

The shrimp and grits at The Grey are worth the fight for a reservation while in town, but, with this meal kit, there’s no need to dress up for a night out. Pour a glass of wine while you cook this meal for two. The kit includes eight ounces of poached Georgia white shrimp, four ounces of The Grey’s gravy, 16 ounces of Anson Mills white grits, a lemon, and locally-grown basil.

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Emmy Squared

WHERE: Brooklyn, New York

When New York pizza just won’t do, try grabbing a super crispy, square-cut pizza from Emmy Squared. The local pizza place was founded in 2016 and specializes in a focaccia-style crust that gives just a little when you bite into it. The pizzas have super crunchy outside edges, but the middles are loaded with gooey mozzarella cheese.

These pizzas are extremely easy to prepare since they are already pre-made. All you really need to do is pop them in the oven and wait for everything to get bubbly hot again, which takes about 20 minutes. This pack comes with three of the best-sellers from Emmy Squared including, the Emmy Squared’s Classic Detroit-Style Pizza, The Colony, and The Emmy.

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Gott’s Roadside

WHERE: St. Helena, California

In 1999, brothers Joel and Duncan Gott took over Taylor’s Refresher, a simple roadside restaurant at the time. The original restaurant dated back to 1949, where they would serve passersby exploring the California wine country. Now Gott’s Roadside is a must-do while touring Napa Valley. In fact, the James Beard Foundation has declared the restaurant an American Classic. Typically in the warmer California summers, the lines for Gott’s locations around the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley are very long, but people know the burgers are worth the wait.

If you aren’t local but are looking for a great cheeseburger to go with your glass of Californian wine, look no further than this meal kit that feeds four. The box, delivered to your home, will include four 1/3 pound Niman Ranch burger patties, four Panorama Bakery egg buns, eight American cheese slices, one jar of Gott’s secret sauce, one half-head of iceberg lettuce, two sliced tomatoes, 12 kosher dill pickle slices, one salt and pepper mix, four pepper boats, four Gott’s wrappers, and one Gott’s bumper sticker to remember your virtual dinner in wine country.

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WHERE: New York City

Mediterranean food can be challenging to make in your own home, especially because many dishes require ingredients that some grocery stores don’t carry. That’s why many people choose to go out for Mediterranean cuisine at restaurants like Miznon. In 2011, chef Eyal Shani opened the first Miznon in Tel Aviv and expanded shortly after to other large international cities like Paris and Vienna. The New York location opened in 2018 and became a city must-do.

The famous fried falafel from Miznon has people lining up to grab a bite, but making it at home is easy with a meal kit of pre-made mix and sauces. This falafel kit serves six and includes one quart of falafel mix, one pint of tahini sauce, eight ounces of spicy green sauce, one pint of pickles, and six pieces of pita bread. You can also customize your order to include 30 ounces of Israeli olive oil, more pita, 16 ounces of hummus, 4.8 ounces of Israeli Za’atar, or tahini cookie dough.

GoalieDad31 March 11, 2021

I think you missed a couple of restaurants that ship their food nationwide. If you are from Western New York the first thing you think about are chicken wings. The Anchor Bar, where the chicken was "invented" is a Buffalo landmark and the original building is still in use today. If you have ever tried Buffalo-style pizza you know how good it is. New York style is one thing but Buffalo style will take you to another world. LaNova and Bocce Pizza are Buffalo staples and some of the best pizza around. They both ship nationwide. People keep forgetting to give Buffalo some love when it comes to our culinary offerings. Plus you have to try beef on weck, which is roast beef piled high on a kimelweck roll. It sounds simple but it was originated by the German population in the early 1900s here in Buffalo. There are surely local Buffalo restaurants that ship nationally. Then, from our Polish heritage and community, we have a number of outstanding pierogi and Polish sausage places that also ship nationwide.
When writing food articles people tend to not look to Buffalo, but we have a great food scene here with traditional favorites and new cusines added yearly. Check us out.

MzOventure March 11, 2021

While I love the concept and the ability to have access to restaurants outside of my residing state, I am hesitant to order anything with the prices being so expensive and the possibility of running into shipment issues that could result in spoiled food especially given United Parcel Services recent Jan. 2021 policy change where they have decided to make 1 delivery attempt to the original address on order. If that attempt is missed, they have decided to take the package to a partnered UPS location (called an Access Point) without customer request and despite customer objection. I've already had an issue with a food delivery outside of Goldbelly and it was such a nightmare having to contact UPS to have my package picked up and redelivered back to my address that 1 package got missed, sat at the access location for 7 days and I ended up canceling that half of the order and requesting a refund. I refuse to go through that every time I order without having any one to talk to other than email to get more immediate help and a quicker resolution especially where perishable food is the product. Apparently companies aren't aware of this policy change either because it was news to the place I ordered from as well and NOT a welcome change. I've emailed Goldbelly about their shipping carrier policies but the answer wasn't very satisfactory to me.