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These 20 Amazon Products Make All the Difference When Traveling

Get prepared--and for a low price!

Over the years, I learned the hard way that preparation is extremely important for travel, and especially for travel that takes many hours (or days) until you arrive at your final destination. As I went along, I compiled the products that I maybe wouldn’t have thought of unless I had been in a situation overseas where I didn’t have said product–and was therefore very uncomfortable. I hate being uncomfortable–and that’s where Amazon (dot com) comes in.

Here is our definitive list of the best travel-related products on Amazon, to make your travels as comfortable as possible. You deserve it.

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This Infinity Pillow That Reminds Me Of A Blanket

If you’re going to be taking a long flight, and especially if you’re going to be taking long flights often, it’s important to invest in a little travel pillow. The ones they give you on the plane are fine, but honestly, they’re usually weirdly floppy and just wind up taking up space that could be enjoyed by your actual body in the small little area you are confined to for the next many hours. This particular pillow wraps around your neck like a comforter and is quite versatile (and has great reviews!). You can sleep in whatever weird position you need to and it’s sure to not be as horrible as it would be if you didn’t have one of these.

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This Hanging Toiletry Bag That Saved My Life

I don’t know who I was before I bought one of these things. It hangs! I know this doesn’t sound amazing, but truly it is. When your toiletries are nicely hanging and organized on a hook in the bathroom, you’re free to use the counter space for whatever it is your currently using, making you a far more organized person. Also, you won’t knock over everything on the counter all the time (this is me projecting my personal problems on to you, sorry).

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These Shoe Holders

You cannot just throw your shoes into your suitcase. Shoes go on the ground, and the ground is disgusting, and you don’t want your other things to be disgusting–so what do you do? Enter: these little bags. These washable bags will fit even the largest (and dirtiest) of shoes. The alternative to this is, of course, using plastic grocery bags from home or whatever bags you acquire at your destination–but this way is much more eco-friendly! Reusable bags are the way to go, people.

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A Waterproof Travel Bag for Things That Might Spill

I do not like buying travel-sized versions of my toiletries because I already own them in their regular sizes, and guess what? They spill. I mean, hell, even the travel-sized ones spill–not as much, because there’s not much TO spill. One way to protect your belongings when traveling is investing in waterproof travel bags. These are so important! Just like your skin, which you need to protect with skincare products (which might spill)–therefore, buy this.

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Or Perhaps You Would Like This Leather Bag

Are you too fancy for plastic cosmetic bags? I understand. If you are a fan of the finer things in life (and in cosmetic bags), here is this leather bag for you, available on Amazon, and reasonably priced so that you may spend your money on even more fine things when you arrive at your destination of choice.

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Theses Actually Nice Bottles

If you only want to bring a small amount of a liquid, investing in one of these container sets is probably a good idea for you. These particular ones are actually quite pretty and look like little space jars that are the color of Easter eggs, which is very fun. Normally when you buy one of these container sets, they are just regular bottles–these ones are cute and fun and also very convenient for your traveling liquid product needs.

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A Travel Adapter That is Large and Cheap

You’re obviously going to need one of these if you’re planning on traveling abroad, and it’s best to order it in advance for a lower price, rather than remembering at the airport last minute and having to spend far more money on a less-than-worthy product. Get one in advance and don’t worry your pretty head for one minute about not being able to charge all of your extremely important devices when you get to wherever you’re going.

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This Psychotic Umbrella

This umbrella is ridiculous and extensive, which I didn’t know were words that could be used to describe an umbrella until I laid my eyes on this particular umbrella. This umbrella is very popular, and for good reason–it’s a wonderful umbrella! First of all, there aren’t any sharp tips, so you won’t poke anyone’s eyes out, ever. It’s wind resistant, so you won’t have to deal with the very embarrassing occurrence of it flipping inside out and making you look like a cartoon character with bad luck. Finally, it’s durable and very compact–really, you can’t ask for anything more from an umbrella.

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Very Tiny Razor

Here is a very tiny razor, which is nice, because it takes up less space. Also, the top won’t break off in your luggage.

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This Little Checklist With Everything You Might Want to Bring on It

Are you forgetful? I am forgetful. Usually, I pack all pants and no shirts and forget literally all of my toiletries. This checklist includes all of the things you might need during your travels so that you can give your brain a rest and be as properly packed as possible.

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This Little Bag to Put Your Toiletries in and Then You Don't Even Have to Unpack Them

When you get to a hotel, it is oftentimes annoying to lay out all of your soaps because you have so many. And then what if you forget one of them there? That would be a catastrophe. With this little bag, you don’t have to even take anything out–they just stand up straight right in the bag. Wonderful.

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Waterproof Phone Case

The single most frightening thing to me on the planet earth is the possibility of my phone becoming wet and this is the solution.

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A Bag That Fits

This bag will actually fit underneath the seat in front of you. You don’t have to put it in the overhead bin and get out 3,000 times because you keep forgetting something in there.

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This Thing That Looks Like Foot Deodorant But It’s Not

It will get rid of your blisters, actually. You are traveling, so that means you are probably walking a lot and perhaps you have packed the wrong shoes.

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A Place for Your Cords

Cords are a mess. They’re a damn mess. And, everyone needs approximately 17 of them with them at all times, for all of their different things. If you’re like me, they all get twisted and break and it’s a mess. But not with this thing! It’s a folder for your cords. Protect them.

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Acne Patches Because You Will Look Bad

As one prophet once said, traveling, at times, can negatively affect your natural beauty. Your skin usually erupts in some way when you’re traveling, as it is in an environment it’s not used to and because science is terrible, your face has to pay the price. If you are prone to breakouts while traveling, these little acne patches are lifesavers–they’ll shrink your blemish down to almost nothing in just one night.

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Hand Sanitizer

For the love of god, travel with this. Never step inside of an airport, or onto a plane, or, actually, anywhere–do not travel anywhere without a little portable hand sanitizer. You never know when you’ll need it, and you’ll probably need it a lot and a lot of it. Also, this particular hand sanitizer is a legit good brand with pretty packaging, so you can smile when you look at it.

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Please moisturize your face when you’re traveling. If you’re in the air (on a plane), the moisture is essentially sucked right out of your whole head (this is the technical term). If you’re going to bring any skin item with you on your travels, please–let it be some sort of moisturizer. Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel-Cream is affordable–and comparable to something like, say, Kiehl’s Ulta Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream. Seriously, the packaging is even similar. I see what you’re doing, Neutrogena (and I like it).

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Waterproof Shoe Covers

You cannot control the weather, and therefore you cannot control when the weather turns terrible and you only brought shoes you like a lot (and therefore don’t want to ruin in the rain). These waterproof shoe covers will make you look ridiculous, but who cares? Your shoes are safe. You’ll also look very funny, which is delightful, honestly.

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Portable Charger

This is the most important product to ever exist, as your phone dying while in transit can be extremely unnerving (especially when traveling solo).

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