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5 Easy Ways to Earn Points and Miles Without Credit Cards

With so many ways to earn points and miles, your next vacation is calling.

For consumers that still believe “Cash is King,” or for those who don’t want to incur debt for vacations, there are still things you’re probably already doing that can help cut costs when it comes to travel.

Although the pandemic has affected the travel industry overall, according to Statista, travel spending in the United States is expected to reach a whopping $1.06 trillion by 2025 domestically. The report also shares that travel spending in the United States came in at $642 billion last year. These numbers may be astronomical to think about, but many consumers also fund their vacations by way of credit card use, which can lead to higher overall costs and potentially more debt. The biggest selling point of credit cards for travel is earning points and miles that can be redeemed for hotel stays, flight upgrades, lounge access, and more. However, it’s possible to have these perks without opening a credit card.

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Use a Travel Debit Card

While you won’t earn points and rewards for everyday purchases like a traditional credit card, Chase’s Disney Visa Debit Card (Yes, debit card. Disney lovers rejoice) is still packed with some amazing benefits for new or existing Chase checking account holders. Cardholders can reap the benefits when visiting the Happiest Place on Earth with the ability to save 10% off purchases of $50 or more at Disneyland and Disney World, plus shopping at Disney online. The savings don’t stop there. Swiping can also help Disney fanatics save on Disney cruises, photo packages, and souvenirs, too!

For business owners, Delta SkyMiles Business Debit Card is a great option as well. Like a credit card, account holders can earn miles on everyday purchases plus earn a 5,000-mile bonus after opening the account. Please note, this card does have an annual fee based on the combined deposit amounts.

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Link Your Accounts

Let the power of grocery delivery fuel your next vacation by linking your Instacart account to Delta SkyMiles. The partnership, which launched this past February, awards one mile per dollar spent and 1.5 miles per dollar spent for Instacart Express members.  Delta also has a partnership with ride-share app, Lyft, which earn two miles per dollar on airport rides and one mile per dollar for all other rides. The ride-share app also has a partnership with Hilton Honors, in which members can earn one point for every dollar spent. It’s important to note, that currently only one partnership program can be linked via Lyft.

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Shopping Portals

You’re already browsing your favorite websites to add travel essentials and everyday needs to your cart. Why not let your online clicking, earn you some airline miles? Several major airlines operate shopping portals that allow shoppers to add miles to their airline reward accounts just from online shopping. The number of miles varies based on airline, but shoppers can expect to earn anywhere from three miles per dollar spent upwards to thirty-six. Some of the airlines that have portals include: American AirlinesDelta SkyMiles, British Airways, Jet Blue, Southwest, United Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

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Eating Out Has Its Benefits, Too

Fancy take-out? Ditch GrubHub and UberEats the next time you’re dining out and earn airline miles or hotel points. Just like online shopping portals, the same airlines listed above also have dining reward programs. And the perks are pretty tasty! Earn a 1,000-mile bonus with AAdvantage Dining or 3,000 bonus miles from Delta SkyMiles Dining.  While it may not seem like a lot, depending on where you’re going, these miles can score a seat upgrade or premium cocktails inside the lounge. Hotel chain Marriott’s “Eat Around Town” program rewards patrons for dining out each time they pay with a linked credit or debit card. Bonvoy members can earn four points for every dollar spent while Bonvoy elite members will earn six points for every dollar spent.

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Buy the Points

A great way to earn points is to buy points. While this is usually a pricey option, it can be a great thing to do when an airline or hotel is offering a promotion. Currently, Hilton is adding a 100% bonus when purchasing 5,000 points or more until July 19. Promotions can also make it cheaper to buy points than to pay for a room directly. With Hilton points redemption starting at only 5,000 points per night (depending on brand and location), a two-night stay can cost a mere $50 (the price of 5,000 points plus an additional 5,000 with the promotion) instead of $100 or more per night.