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The 9 Best Spa Treatments in America to Enjoy With Your Sweetheart

Travel can be stressful, and a spa ritual can be a great way to relax and unwind.

Traveling with a partner has many moments that can be captured and enjoyed, but nothing is like sharing the intimacy of a spa ritual. Couples may want to consider doing a spa ritual when they travel for several reasons, including relaxation, quality time, health benefits, and getting a cultural experience. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together and will allow you both to enjoy treatments side by side, or take turns pampering each other. A spa ritual can also be a great way for couples to immerse themselves in the surrounding culture and learn more about traditional healing practices. Here are some of the best couples’ spa rituals you can try in the United States.

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The Romance Ritual

WHERE: Hot Springs, Virginia

 The Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia, offers a spa menu specifically for couples. There is an assortment of treatments, but a favorite is the Romance Ritual, which offers four services in one. A body scrub that is infused with essential oils is the beginning of the Romance Ritual. The scrub isn’t harsh on the skin and creates the perfect setup for the next step, which is a relaxing jacuzzi bath for two. The bath allows you and your partner the opportunity to wash each other’s scrub off before drying off. After the jacuzzi soak, you sit for a little hot tea, which sets a much more relaxing environment for the last step. The final service in the ritual is a Swedish massage completing the most relaxing 110 minutes of your life.

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The Lemongrass Escape Experience

WHERE: Tuscan, Arizona

This spa treatment at Miraval Resorts in Tuscan, Arizona is absolutely fantastic, especially if you and your partner like fragrant spa experiences. Several treatments and aromatic atmospheres combine to provide an uplifting experience that is known as the Lemongrass Escape. The treatment begins with an exfoliating scrub made of ginger grass and bamboo and is then followed by a cherry-blossom rice buff, a softening wrap, and a shower. A plum blossom cream that locks in moisture may be used after they have prepared the skin with a Shiatsu-inspired massage that uses wild lime oil. It’s a lovely experience to do with a partner.

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Lovers at the Lake

WHERE: Austin, Texas

The name alone lets you know that this spa treatment is well-deserving of consideration for both you and your partner. The Lovers at the Lake experience at Lakeway Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas, offers a very intimate involvement between you and your partner. In addition to a 50-minute massage, couples are given chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne to enhance the experience and create a more intentional, romantic environment. Couples who opt for this service are given exclusive access to the couple’s room, lover’s patio, and steam room. 

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Duet Massages

WHERE: Sea Island, Georgia

The Spa at Sea Island, located in the Sea Island resort in Sea Island, Georgia, has the option for a Duet Massage. I recommend the Sea Island Massage, which comes with a myofascial massage, scalp treatment, body exfoliation, and foot polish. It literally focuses on head-to-toe-care and is wonderful to partake in with a partner. I also recommend the Balinese massage if you and your partner enjoy aromatherapy. This spa ritual includes Balinese methods like stretching and reflexology, partnered with aromatherapy to assist in deep relaxation and a better mental well-being.

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The Cheeca Spa Sampler

WHERE: Islamorada, Florida

I favor spa treatments that offer multiple services in one. It allows you and your partner to feel you’ve gotten the best out of the spa experience and almost taste-test the spa menu. The Cheeca Spa Sampler at The Spa at Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada, Florida satisfies that appetite. Their sampling offers a variety of massage techniques, including one each for the face, back, neck, shoulders, scalp, feet, and hands. In addition, a moisturizing face mask will be applied. They use serums and oils that contribute to anti-aging, moisturize the skin, and accelerate cell and tissue renewal, including chamomile extract, Vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, hemp oil, sunflower oil, and Arnica extract.

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The Gemstone Soul Recovery Experience

WHERE: Austin, Texas

This ritual is a standout that focuses on mental health. Anyone dealing with anxiety, despair, or a lack of enthusiasm or energy, and especially those who may be experiencing various levels of loss, can find solace in this all-encompassing spiritual experience. The Gemstone Soul Recovery Experience at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas, intends to work with the body’s energy field and may assist in the release and healing of mental and emotional trauma. The calming treatment employs gemstones, aromatherapy, gentle touch, and marma point therapy, an Ayurvedic massage technique that helps to distribute blood flow throughout your body. The resort suggests booking this service in the evening.

INSIDER TIPIf you own your own crystals and believe in charging them, bring those to use.

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Couple’s Salt Therapy

WHERE: Lake Placid, New York

While staying at the Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa in Lake Placid, New York, consider the Couple’s Salt Therapy, which is unlike any other spa treatment. Halotherapy, as it’s known, has been used as a form of therapy for the lungs so that you and your partner may breathe in tiny salt particles to help open up breathing. Deep breathing has been attributed to improving digestion, increasing energy, decreasing stress and more. It’s definitely worth doing with a partner and comparing the results of how you both feel afterwards.

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The Hot Springs

WHERE: Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Of course you’ll want to try the spa, but The Springs Resort & Spa in Pagosa Springs, Colorado shines for its hot springs. The name Pagosa comes from the Ute word meaning “healing waters.” Hot springs are widely known for their healing properties because they contain various minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and zinc. The hot springs can help with arthritis pain, eliminate body toxins, boost brain activity, and more.

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The Time Together Massage

WHERE: Girdwood, Alaska

The Time Together Massage at Alyeska Nordic Spa in Girdwood, Alaska grants couples two options. The first massage option is the Forest Therapy Massage, which focuses on aromatherapy and is great for couples who need a bit of balance. The second is the Nordic Signature Massage, which mixes warming and cooling ingredients and sauna whisking techniques to increase circulation, stimulate oxygenation of the whole body, and generate a profound sense of serenity. Both massages have the option to enhance the experience with the property’s own CBD Oil, with a signature blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and lemongrass.