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7 Airbnb Rentals for Living Out Your Cottagecore Fantasies

We’re no longer just day-dreaming about an ethereal getaway, we’re making it happen.

Quarantine has turned even the busiest into homebodies, so it’s no surprise the latest trend is all about living life simply. If you aren’t familiar with “cottagecore,” the lifestyle trend that’s taken the internet by storm, allow me to give you a brief overview. Cottagecore is all about the return to a life before social media and the 40-hour workweek. It’s one with baking, foraging, and crafting. It’s the picturesque cottage in the woods surrounded by flower gardens and filled with the smell of fresh-baked bread.

Rather than just dressing for this ethereal lifestyle you want, make it happen with an escape to a home where you can live it. From cozy escapes to gardens that will leave you feeling like a wood nymph, these Airbnbs are perfect for allowing you to live out your cottagecore fantasies.

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A Farmhouse in California’s Little Denmark

WHERE: Solvang, California

This small Danish town just outside of Santa Barbara is the epitome of cottagecore. With Danish-inspired design, including windmills and streets seemingly plucked out of Denmark, this town is perfect for those looking to leave their city for something quainter. This farmhouse rental on the outskirts of downtown fulfills all cottagecore fantasies, with a large kitchen perfect for baking and an expansive garden just outside your door. Grab a bottle of vino from one of the beloved local wineries and create a picturesque picnic on this stay’s perfectly-manicured lawn.

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A Weekend Inside a Gnome’s Home

WHERE: Tyringham, Massachusetts

This is likely what you tend to imagine when someone says “cottage.” A small, wood-built home in the middle of the woods. While it might be hard to believe that this silo home–which looks like it’s right out of your favorite childhood book–is real, I assure you, it is. It’s unclear what’s best: the stunning, dark wood home or the land it sits on, with a lily-pad pond, fire pit, and gardens to explore.

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A Cottage Up in the Mountains

WHERE: Idaho Springs, Colorado

While it might not be huge, cottages are all about quaintness and the ability to be one with nature—and that is what you’ll find at this creekside home. Stepping outside of the cottage’s door to the patio raised right above a creek bed is a spot perfect for your morning cup of coffee. Whether you go in summer for a walk in the creek or escape in December for a cozy winter retreat, this Colorado cottage will have you feeling separated from the busy life you left behind and immediately at home.

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A White Barn in the California Country

WHERE: Cottonwood, California

Unleash your inner water nymph at this farmhouse rental. While you’ll be sleeping in a polished white barn equipped with a cozy interior, you’ll likely be spending your entire days outside exploring the property. Connected to the house is a patio with chairs, a table, BBQ, and a fire pit where you can enjoy your meals, while just a short walk from the home is your own private pond. Whether you’re looking to sit under the willow trees with a classic novel or explore the property via vintage bikes, this stay will offer the escape to nature we all crave with our cottagecore.

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A Stream-Side Hideaway

WHERE: Woodstock, New York

Nestled in the eclectic town of Woodstock is this romantic cottage perched on the edge of a stream. There’s a stunning garden, a patio for mid-day reads and late-night drinks, a stream for wading (how very cottagecore of you), as well as an interior that will transport you to a time before working from home.

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An Expansive Rental Just a Walk From the Ocean

WHERE: Albion, California

This cottage sits on 13 acres of land that’s yours for renting. You can enjoy the porch, covered in wisteria blooms, or you can head down to the beach for a seaside picnic (picnics are a central part of the cottagecore life if that hasn’t been made clear). This Northern California cottage is perfect in the fall as the leaves turn colors or in the late spring as things begin to warm and the flowers begin to bloom.

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A Cottage With Outdoor Adventure

WHERE: Wimberley, Texas

While our idea of cottagecore doesn’t always include activity—it’s more about lounging, relaxing, and doing simple, slow things that will bring you a moment to breathe—this Texas cottage offers an activity that still allows for that simple life. A cute home on a quaint property, you can listen to the babbling river as you drift off to sleep and/or tube in those very same waters during the day.