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10 of the Best Breakfast Foods Around the World

How do you like your eggs?

Breakfast is what gets a lot of people moving in the morning. And while there has always been a debate on the importance of that first meal, a large number of studies show that breakfast is an essential meal of the day; it has been linked to better concentration and lower chances of getting heart disease. So, let’s take a look at what people all around the world are having for their first meals of the day, shall we?

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Kaya Toast

WHERE: Singapore

Typically served as a breakfast or as a snack, the unique factor here comes from the kaya, which is, in part, made from coconut milk, sugar, and a plant called pandan. It’s often served with tea or coffee. Ya Kun Kaya is a popular spot in Singapore for the spot, with more than 40 locations throughout the city-state. You can even order it on Amazon (but it’s pricey).

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Vegemite With Toast (or Anything?)

WHERE: Australia

Another dish on this list offered with toast, Vegemite is considered an Australian staple. As someone who has had Vegemite, I’ll tell you right now: it’s not for everyone. However, this is not an article to shame breakfast preferences! The spread, a good source of Vitamin B, is considerably bitter, salty (there is a reduced-salt version), and yeasty (which makes sense, considering it’s a byproduct of beer).

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Black Pudding

WHERE: United Kingdom

“What is this mysterious pudding sitting beside my eggs and toast?” you ask yourself as you are waking up over your breakfast at a quaint lodging house. It’s called Black Pudding—a common first-meal-of-the-day delicacy—and it comes from pig’s blood, which makes it practically a breakfast sausage. So, perhaps it’s really not as wild as it initially sounds!

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WHERE: Myanmar

The national dish of Myanmar, this soup is complete with ingredients including rice noodles, fish broth, ginger, garlic, and onions, and is widely considered an “all-day” breakfast. It’s hearty, practical, often spicy, and very popular, especially as a product for street vendors.

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Red Velvet Waffle

WHERE: Los Angeles

Look, I love pancakes/waffles as much as the next breakfast lover, but let’s be realistic adults here—both of those are just as much a dessert as they are a breakfast food. And when you start applying “red velvet,” or “Brownie” waffles, it’s like, “OK, I get it.” It’s indulgent, as a lot of traditional American foods are. And…who am I kidding, I live for massive diner breakfasts.

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WHERE: Tunisia

A bowl of spicy chickpea soup is sure to wake you up, and that’s exactly what lablabi is designed to do. Also consisting of cumin, olive oil, and hot chili peppers (known as “harrisa”), this street food is simple to make in your own home and sounds like something that may even be useful to have on hand for the up-and-coming cold/flu season.

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WHERE: Bulgaria

Another comfort dish that’s been in cookbooks for literal centuries, popara is comparable to a bread pudding. Warm milk, water, or tea (mixed with oil and/or butter and sugar) is poured over leftover bread that’s been torn into smaller pieces. The dish is ready when the bread is soft enough to be eaten with a spoon. Sometimes, cheese is added to the mix, to give the dish a more savory flavor and a richer consistency.

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Ful Medames

WHERE: Egypt

Oftentimes prepared with pureed fava beans, ful medames is a stew of sorts prepared with other ingredients like parsley, garlic, onion, and other vegetables. Ideally, the beans and all of the components should be left to marinate overnight before being cooked the following day.

Fun Fact: It’s a dish that is said to have been eaten in Ancient Egypt.

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Sprinkles and Toast

WHERE: The Netherlands

Also known as hagelslag, or “sprinkles,” this breakfast is exactly what it sounds like, and one everybody’s inner-child (and actual children) would love to wake up to every morning. In order for the sprinkles to stick, butter and/or Nutella is often is slathered all over the toast.

Fun Fact: I want it now.

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WHERE: Ghana

A traditional Ghanaian breakfast that’s also served for lunch, this dish, which means “beans” in Hausa, consists of rice, sorghum leaves, and, appropriately, beans. When sold by vendors, it is often wrapped in a banana leaf and is accompanied by a protein, like eggs or beef.

debinpgh December 19, 2020

I must be basic because honestly, I could not touch any of these breakfast foods with a 10 foot pole.

tomfletcher4103 December 18, 2020

...fogot! Add a little Sesame Oil to Congee always!

tomfletcher4103 December 18, 2020

Jesse : There is one International VERY HEALTHY breakfast that you ommitted : Chinese Congee. Basically a "rice porridge" where you cook the heck out of white rice with loads of salted water and render it like porridge texture.  Always add shredded Ginger + Green onions and then Sliced White Fish / Corn / Boiled Eggs (sliced) / Pork, etc. etc. A staple in Hong Kong and the P.R.C. Very tasty + Very healthy.

LadyLordG December 18, 2020

While Waakye is wonderful, that image you have posted dear, is NOT Waakye. Please see this page so that you can represent the food correctly. Medaase (thank you in Twi). 

liemmai5241 December 18, 2020

The breakfast is very healthy, I seem to see you mentioning the lack of Vietnamese Pho, it's also good for that health