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10 Cute Slip-On Travel Sneakers for the Traveler on the Go

People nowadays are wearing sneakers with everything. And from TSA checkpoints to Thai temples, lace-up sneakers slow down a traveler on the go. That’s where the slip-on kick comes in the save the day.

Somewhere along the line, women, in their infinite wisdom, decided it was OK for women to wear sneakers with everything, including dresses. Prior to this serendipitous sartorial switch, ladies of earlier eras used to get to where they were going in sneakers and then change when they got there. As travelers, we are delighted to leave our kicks on instead of having to kick them off, no matter what outfit we’re wearing. That said, the requirements for a travel sneaker are different from those of an everyday life sneaker. They need to be lightweight so as not to weigh down your bag but still stand up to a day of vigorous exploration. The must be easily removable for airport security, Thai temples, and any other place where a quick unshoeing is required. Hence, lacelessness is a key specification of the travel sneaker. You should be able to wear them without socks because socks are just another item to pack and lug around. And because you don’t automatically surrender your fashion sense when you cross a border, they should work with everything, including dresses. Here are some of the best (and cutest) slide on sneakers for travel.

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Sergio Rossi

The sr1 running shoe by Sergio Rossi flashes with mirrors and silver plates and glitter, all of which we didn’t know we needed in a travel sneaker, but that we now realize we do. These sneaks would work well exploring New York’s SoHo (South of Houston), Hong Kong’s SoHo (South of Hollywood Street) or London’s Soho (not an acronym but named after an old hunting cry from when the area was still farmland).

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Cole Haan

We picture ourselves climbing up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan in the aptly named Flatform Monk tennis show by Cole Haan. Ascending to the sacred monastery at the edge of a sheer cliff 10,000 feet above sea level will be a breeze in these sneakers.

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The Kayla by J/Slides does triple duty as an espadrille/platform/sneaker. If you need that extra inch of height to feel right, don this one. We’ve decided this one is the perfect accessory for exploring the winding alleyways and souks of Marrakesh and of course, so easy to slide off for the hammam.

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Onitsuka Tiger

Sneakerheads will recognize this lace-free version of the iconic Japanese sneaker brand’s classic “Mexico 66 model.” Onitsuka Tiger rolled out this model for the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, which, of course, makes us want to slip them on to roam the city formerly known as Distrito Federal, then simply D.F. and now recently rebranded as CDMX for Ciudad de México. (Whatever you want to call it, it’s always going to be one of the greatest cities, ever.)

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The eco-friendly Bendy is part-sneaker, part-flat, fully-perfect! The cushioned footbed is the same as those found in high-performance running shoes. Clearly, you need these to wander sprawling Cairo for days on end without your feet even so much as uttering one complaint.

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Miu Miu

In a stretch knit, the crystal-encrusted  Miu Miu run sneaker artfully combines sporty and blingy. They work as well for a stroll along on the Croisette at Cannes as they do for a night out in Miami.

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Chuck Taylor

It would be unAmerican not to give a shout out the homegrown sneaker we wore as little girls, then angsty teens and now incurable fashion-loving nomads. The Chuck Taylor All Star Slip is as American as jazz, so New Orleans would be the ideal place to stomp around in these classic kicks.

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We had problems choosing between one style of the Vans skate girl classic, so we are thinking of buying one pair to match each destination on our bucket list. The Checker Flame Slip On for Costa Rica’s Irazu Volcano; the flowery Vintage Slip on Marshmallow to chase the wildflower superbloom in Cali’s Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, and the Tie Dye version to go see Kasey Musgraves at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

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Alexandre Birman

Combine the ruggedness of a sneaker with the sweetness of a pink bow and you get Brazilian designer Alexandre Birman’s Clarita Nappa. If you’ve been thinking of taking a trip to the country where the shoes were inspired, we recommend the outrageously beautiful area around the city of Lençóis.

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Etro wins in the sock-sneaker category with its Jacquard version. The paisley is a pattern that originated in Persia (current day Iran) but named after Paisley, Scotland, the textile town where paisley designs were later manufactured. We split the difference between the two countries and determined the midpoint between the two to be Serbia, where you may spot us soon in these sneakers.

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