In San Francisco, A Showcase for Environmental Art

Olafur Eliasson, an Icelandic, installation artist who specializes in “environmental” art, has his finger on the pulse of the planet. Commissioned by BMW to design a work of art built around their H2R race car, a high-performance, hydrogen-powered vehicle, he enlisted a think tank of architects, designers, scholars and the simply curious, who spent two years fabricating materials and encasing the car in a tiered shell of ice, lit from within by rays of golden light.

The result is Eliasson’s comment on fossil-fuel consumption and global warming. To view the car, titled “Your 0054empo,” visitors enter a freezer that is kept at a shivering 13 F. Blankets are available upon request. SFMOMA is the sole U.S. venue for this project and “Take Your Time,” a companion exhibition of Eliasson’s installations — sensory, atmospheric, explorations of temperature, moisture and glacial light. It’s up through February 24, 2008.

Sura Wood