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#NotBadNews: We Promise This Is the Cutest Animal Video You’ll See All Week

Welcome back to another week of #NotBadNews, where we’re continuing to bring you the things that made us smile. Today’s #NotBadNews features Mariah Carey showing medical workers love and the first feline weather forecaster.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

This Dad Wins

Parents everywhere have been tasked with figuring out how exactly to keep a child entertained all day every day while being confined to their home—it sounds hard because it is! While some parents broke out the art supplies and said “fine” to soccer balls in the house, this dad decided to take a different approach, introducing his toddler to Evel Knievel-style stunts.

By the time this quarantine ends, we’ll have a new stuntman on our hands thanks to this inventive dad.

The FedEx Worker Who Went Above and Beyond

When this family’s delivery man learned that their daughter had type 1 diabetes, making her more at-risk for coronavirus, he decided to take an extra step in assuring her safety. This FedEx delivery man now wipes down each individual box with sanitization wipes before leaving them at the front door.

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This essential worker did more than just his job, he took the extra step to care for this family! Consider our hearts warmed.

Indiana’s Newest Weather…man?

Working from home gave this weatherman the opportunity to introduce his newest co-anchor, and his choice might surprise you.

If you’re looking for both a weather forecast and a good dose of cute animal content, this Indiana reporter has you covered.

This Pop Queen Applauds Healthcare Workers

While Mariah Carey might be used to being at the center of things, the one being applauded, she took time on Sunday to say some thanks of her own. Breaking from Easter festivities, the “Hero” singer shared her ongoing admiration: thanking health-care workers. Joining the rest of New York City, Carey took to her balcony to clap for carers.

From donations and charity concerts to now applauding, celebrities have shown us the various ways that they express their thanks. How’s your favorite celebrity saying thank you?

Koala’s First Easter

And now we present: The Cutest Video of the Day! At Australia Reptile Park, this koala got a chance to celebrate Easter for the first time, with a stuffed animal, an Easter basket, and colorful eggs aplenty.

Looking for a challenge? Try to not say “awww” while watching (rumors are, it’s impossible).

Welcome Home and Welcome Smiling Faces

After being hospitalized for three-weeks with COVID-19, this man’s family welcomed home their hero in a most appropriate way, with cheers and a round of applause.

Not only were they cheering for their Dad’s return, but for the medical workers who got him through the virus and back on his feet and well enough to head back home.

And while this family welcomed their father back home outside the hospital, the workers inside have found a new way to make patients feel more comfortable.

To make sure that their patients felt more at ease, these medical workers, whose faces are covered by masks, taped pictures of themselves smiling to their uniforms.

Now patients can know the smiling faces behind the masks–what a genius and heart-warming idea!

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.