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#NotBadNews: We Can’t WAIT to Try This New Drive-Thru

In today’s #NotBadNews, we introduce you to baby penguins and take suggestions from Switzerland on how to best spend lockdown.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

Niagara’s Newest Residents

And on the second month of coronavirus lockdown, a hatchling of baby penguins was born. For the first time in 14 years, the Aquarium of Niagara welcomed baby penguins. Ready to bring a little cute to your day? Introducing the aquarium’s newest residents.

We’re jealous of the keepers and scientists, to say the least.

Switzerland’s Suggestions for Wasting Time

As we continue lockdown, we are each day greeted with challenge of how to spend 12+ hours inside. Many have turned to baking, crafts, and exercise videos, but after two-months, these hobbies can start to get dull–a hand can only take so much needle-pointing. Well, Switzerland saw our need for activity-inspiration and answered the call, gracing us with these less-than-typical suggestions for lockdown.

From yodeling to squats to mending a sock, Switzerland has our quarantine-restlessness covered.

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Yes, You Can Visit the Zoo Again

In San Antonio, Texas, residents have been given the okay to visit the city’s zoo, but there is one stipulation: Visitors must remain in their vehicles. Opening their gates, this zoo is allowing car-tours, where you can drive through the zoo’s main exhibits and see the animals from your window.

Are You an LA Resident Looking for Pet?

Has lockdown got you lonely? Looking for a friend you don’t have to social distance from? Los Angeles County has the answer for you, and it is extremely cute. LA animal shelters are waiving adoption fees for the time being, so–not to sound too much like an infomercial but—call now! (Not that we needed more convincing to bring a cute dog home.)

If there were ever a time to bring a pet home, it’s now!

And an Idea for If You Do Adopt

Now that you’ve got a dog, you’re going to want to spoil them, and this Twitter user has an extremely good idea. This pet-parent has been working on creating a tiny-home for their dogs, complete with windows and framed photos of the family.

This addition perfectly fills unused space and gives the dogs a little haven of their own.

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.