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#NotBadNews: Kids in Spain Finally Get What They’ve Been Waiting for

It’s another week of #NotBadNews. Today we’re bringing you the D.C.’s renovations to help maintain social distancing and one immovable dog.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

San Francisco’s Newest Park?

A golf course that was once members-only has opened its gates to the public amid the COVID-19 outbreak. To give Bay Area residents a place to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of finding space in a crowded park, Presidio Private Golf Course welcomed residents to their green. The golf course provides ample space, allowing those wanting some fresh air a chance to sit outside and soak up the sun all while keeping six feet between them and others.

Nor-Cal can now enjoy a day on the green, no putter required.

Bring Home a Baby Rhino

The Denver Zoo welcomed Joona, a baby rhino, this spring. Though the zoo has not been open, this baby has gained quite a lot of attention on social media. Calling all Joona fans, the Denver zoo has released something for you—a Joona plushie!

This is a great way to support the zoo and its workers during their closure, and it doesn’t hurt that you get to bring their newest cutie home with you!

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California Knows How to Party

Nothing can stop Los Angeles residents from having a good time. As temperatures peaked this weekend and city-dwellers longed for a night-out, this DJ brought the party to them—introducing you to the Rooftop Sunset Set. Those in apartments near the DJ set-up are encouraged to come to their balconies and enjoy the set, dance, and have fun!

Just a Little Bit Longer

We welcome the warm weather a much-needed sunshine which has made even the bad quarantine-days a little better. As summer approaches, outdoor time is becoming more and more desirable, and not just for us. This pet decided he needed a little longer outside, showing he wasn’t quite ready to make the walk back home yet.

This dog has done what we’ve all wanted to, spending a couple extra minutes under the sun!

D.C. Makes Room for Pedestrians

Our capital saw a need for expanded sidewalks and acted. With many people heading out for walks, using it as a moment to enjoy the outdoors and escape their place, sidewalks have become more and more crowded. To ensure that those walking are able to maintain social distance, Washington D.C. expanded them.

Way to successfully make the streets safe!

A Joyous Day for the Children of Spain

After weeks of being stuck inside, children under the age of 14 in Spain got the OK to leave home and head outside for one hour of a play with one supervising adult. This mom took to the woods, giving her child the chance to really take in the nature (and space to run) they’d been missing.

This is a huge day not just for the children but for the country of Spain, showing their progress and giving us hope!

A Neighborly Movie Swap

When this building’s 79-year-old neighbor left a note saying that she was unable to leave her home and was running out of movies to watch and books to read, the other tenants quickly reacted. Gathering all of their DVDs and favorite reads, this woman’s neighbors left her quite the surprise. Presenting her with a pile of media to consume, this woman says she will not be getting bored anytime soon.

After finishing movies and books, this woman plans to put them back in the lobby where someone else might be able to borrow them for a week! This apartment trade-off is super inspiring—maybe we should reach out to our neighbors today!

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.