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What Not Taking a Vacation Is Costing You

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

In 2015, Americans left 658 million vacations days unused in spite of asserting that taking time off is important. Why were Americans so hesitant to go on vacation? Market research institute GfK conducted a survey that found that bosses had the biggest influence on whether or not employees used their time off. And while 91 percent of managers said they actively encouraged taking time off, 43 percent of non-managers said that their bosses talked to them once a year or less about vacation. Employees interpreted this neutral silence as being a negative stance on taking vacation, with only 39 percent of non-managers feeling supported in taking days off.

The benefits that come from employees taking vacation are many. Not only does taking vacation help avoid burnout, but employees come back from vacation fresh and more productive thanks to their time off, giving their companies the competitive edge.

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