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Vote for Fodor’s in the Webby People’s Voice Awards

Fodor's Travel Phrases

We’ve been nominated for two Webbys. Now we need your vote to help us win!

Fodor’s Travel Phrases has been selected as a 19th Annual Webby Awards nominee in two mobile categories: Travel (Handheld Devices) and Travel (Tablet & All Other Devices).

Fodor’s Travel Phrases is an essential app for every traveling situation, so leave the phrasebook and dictionary at home. With Fodor's Travel Phrases, all you need to converse abroad is a tap away. Powered by the experts at Living Language, this app features over 400 essential phrases in twenty-two languages for nearly any situation you may encounter while traveling, whether you want to ask for and understand directions around town, order food in a restaurant, or just make polite conversation. has also been selected as an honoree in two website categories: Guides/Ratings/Reviews and Travel.

But while the Academy chooses the Webby winners for each category, every nominee is a contender for a Webby People’s Voice Award, which is voted for by the public. So we need your help! Vote for Fodor’s Travel Phrases for Handheld Devices and Tablet & Other Devices.

Voting for People’s Voice is open from April 7 to April 23 at 11:59 PST.

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