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#NotBadNews: Look to the Skies for a Message of Hope

It is a new week of #NotBadNews and we are looking at the celebrity haircut you can give yourself at home, our new favorite news segment, and the Netflix show taking the baking world by storm.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

Our Stomachs and Wallets Are Thankful

After weeks of our favorite cheap eat being sold out, pasta is once again back on the shelves. This is wonderful news for everyone wanting a simple meal, a budget-friendly dinner, or a way to use the half-empty jars of pasta sauce taking up space in your fridge.

Bon appetite.

Cleveland’s Viral News Segment

It’s okay to admit that some days it’s hard to pin down exactly what day it is: is it Tuesday, no, maybe Thursday? Without our standard routine and schedule, it all begins to blend together a bit. For those suffering from day-amnesia, one Ohio news station has your solution.

Thank you for your service Fox 8 Cleveland!

The Video That Best Summarizes Our Quarantine Looks

And the video that made us laugh the most this week goes to:

She nails each quarantine outfit, from our attempts at getting into YouTube-yoga to the pajamas we wear around the clock to the wine that we bust out pre-five 0’clock.

Super Model Bella Hadid’s Haircut at Home

We are all getting a little antsy for a haircut, as can be seen on all the boys you know now rocking a buzz cut. This celebrity hairstylist is providing tips and tricks for everyone not quite as ready to commit to a total shave, showing us how to give ourselves a trim to hold us over until our salon is once again opened.


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While she recommends seeing your stylist once you can, this is a good way to keep your hair healthy in the meantime. This is also a great way to fulfill our childhood dream of cutting our own hair (though maybe we don’t use the crafting scissors this time).

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The Newest King Cake

It feels safe to say that nearly everyone has finished Netflix’s Tiger King, and whether or not you walked away hating them all or feeling a conspiracy was afoot, I think we can all agree that these fan-cakes are hilarious. Publix, the southern grocery chain, has introduced a new take on the King Cake, bringing the documentary’s subjects to a bakery near you.

These cakes are sure to take your watch party (with your roommates or family only, no outside guests) to the next level!

The Los Angeles Sky’s Positive Message

For those living in Southern California, Friday’s sky had a sweet message for us. Looking up, we were greeted with messages like #StayStrong and We Will All Get Through This.

In times like these, it’s the small things that go a long way!

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.