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How Airbnb Is Ensuring Your Safety During COVID-19

There is a safe way to travel.

Partnering with WebMD to once again explore our new world of health and travel, we got an inside look at how one company is working to ensure customer safety. Sitting down with WebMD’s Chief Medical Officer, John Whyte, Chris Lehane, the Senior VP of Global Policy and Communication at Airbnb, give an update on how the vacation-rental site has reacted to COVID-19 and how they’re protecting guests who stay at their properties.

Answering many common questions about safe travel, we dive into how Airbnb has enhanced–and ensures–their cleaning protocols, the benefits to vacation home renting, and what might be the future of travel (hint: it’s a throwback). Offering insight into how to safely travel during a pandemic, Lehane aims to reassure us restless travelers looking to hit the roads once again.