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Does This TOTALLY Inappropriate Couple Top the Worst Tourist of 2018 List?

Some tourists were better than others this year.

Egyptian authorities are investigating a Danish photographer after a recent, now-deleted video surfaced of him and woman seemingly carrying out lewd acts on top of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza. The man, Andreas Hvid, posted footage of him and a woman (whose face is blurred out) climbing to the top of the oldest Wonder of the Ancient World. At one point, the woman proceeds to remove her top and the video reportedly ends with an image of the naked couple committing a sexual act. In the video’s description, Hvid stated that the act took place in late November. 

With that said, here are a few other naughty tourists who made headlines this year:

Tourist walks off with a dolphin

A man was filmed stealing a dolphin from China’s Hayling Island in May. Witnesses claim the man approached the mammal (who had washed up on the beach) and upon carting it away he exclaimed, “It would die anyway.” Although a police investigation was conducted, the tourist has yet to be found.

Selfies destroy rare grass that took years to cultivate

In an attempt to capture the perfect selfie around Binjiang park’s striking pink grass (that took three years to grow and cultivate), Chinese tourists crossed the rope barriers surrounding the vegetation and flattened it.

Man steals pebbles from beach, asked to return them

An unidentified man was caught stealing pebbles from the UK’s Cornwall Beach, despite warning signs placed in the area that noted it was illegal to do so as it could leave the coastal region vulnerable to erosion. He was given an ultimatum: Return the stones or a pay a fine of $1,300; reports have not released his decision.

Irish tourist steals ring, swallows it

Ian Campbell, 54, was hospitalized after he attempted to make off with a $37,497 diamond ring by swallowing it in a jewelry shop in Turkey’s Marmaris District. Though it’s not clear if the ring was returned, the case’s prosecutor insisted if that ring was not attained naturally, surgery would have to be performed.

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Tourist tries to steal a brick from Rome’s Colosseum

A tourist was caught removing an entire brick from the Colosseum after he broke off from his group. Luckily, the brick was attained and put back in its rightful place. His punishment has not been specified, but defacing Italy’s historic landscape could result in up to “five years in prison,” according to local reports.

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